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New Year, New Goals

If you read my last post (yes…it was very long.  I PROMISE this will be shorter) you know that I had knee surgery last November and I had started attempting to run again.  I’ve been mostly not running due to the arthritic pain in my right knee.  It pains me when I walk or run and I’ve been having a difficult time motivating myself to go out and do anything.  Why go out and create more pain?

So I pretty much fell into a stupor and have been feeling pretty sorry for myself.  I would ‘try’ and go to the gym and swim and lift weights but really, that’s been very few and far between.

But last week I forced myself to run 3 times (M-W-F).  Not far. Not fast. But at least I was out there.

The 1st half mile is very difficult and painful and I run (if you can call it that) with a noticeable limp.  But usually by the turn around point 1.22 miles the pain is starting to lesson and the limp is almost gone.  Sometimes it’s not (Friday).  But it’s good to be out and although it’s a far cry from what I used to do, it helps to relive some of the stress of life.

One thing I’ve learned is never to take for granted the gift of running.  I thought I would ALWAYS be able to just throw on some running shoes and whip out a quick 5 or 6 mile run and not even think about it.  But that isn’t the case.

So just to give you an idea of where I am, here’s my running stats for the last four runs:

Monday         3/5 – 2.5 miles, 25:19 – 10:09 pace
Friday           3/2 – 2.5 miles, 26:22 – 10:31 pace
Wednesday 2/29 – 2.5 miles, 26:11 – 10:29 pace
Monday – no data, didn’t wear watch

I’m doing strength work on my off days and it does seem to help.  I’m shocked at how little strength I have in my right leg.  This is going to be a LONG haul, but it’s one I’m going to make as the thought of never running again is just to hard to take.  So, I’ll keep posting my progress in hopes it will encourage someone..hmm, maybe even me.

Oh..Goals? Just to be able to continue to get better.

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