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Just a quick howdy

Well tomorrow’s run will be the 1st time in three weeks that I’ve run the group from Life Center.  Man I MISS those guys!  Can’t wait!

We’re going to do the Bloomsday route with a few modifications according to John.  (I think his wife Christie is going to make us go up the hill TWICE!  She LOVES hills!)

So getting ready for Bloomsday on May 4th, then another Duathlon on the 18th, and then the Coeur d’Alene 1/2 Marathon on the 25th.  Whew!  Lots of races!!!!  Gotta keep movin!



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Spokane River Results: 2:20:40

A quick up date to todays 25K race:

Weather was cold, about 35′ with a breeze and cloudy skies.  About the 3.5 mile marker it began to snow.  Also at that spot there was a really BIG hill! (Click here for elevation)  Coming down the other side of the hill was an equally steep decent which I just let my legs go and passed about 10 people.  (I LOVE down hills!)  However, a price was paid as a little bit later my quads felt very tight and sore.  I actually stopped and stretched my legs at mile 9.  (I also called my daughter who was traveling to Lake Tahoe and asked what she was doing.  “Oh, just lazying around in the hotel, what are you doing?”, I said, “I’m in the middle of a race!  But I have a big hill coming up so talk fast!”.

The rest of race was a real test of mind over pain as my legs were very tired and actually hurt, but some how I just kept them moving like they had a mind of their own.

Mile 12 found me next to the river and all alone.  In fact for a few minutes I was worried that I might have taken a wrong turn as I had been able to see people in front and behind me the whole time.  But it was one of those moments that all runners come to love in a long race.  I was feeling pretty good, and the water and sky was so blue and the sun was shinning.  I had finished listening to Dick Beardsley’s pod cast, “Staying the Course” and all I could hear was my breath, my feet padding on the pine needle covered trail and the rushing of the river off to my left as the trail snaked along the edge.  It was such a peaceful time.  My breath was even, my legs were as strong as they cold be after 12 miles and I felt like I could continue running this particular section forever.  Finally at 14 miles I heard some voices behind me and it sort of broke the spell, but it was so cool.  I felt like I just had a special moment with God.  Just him and me cruising down a beautiful wooded path with no cares but my next breath and step.  Ah…if only we had more times like that.

I was soon brought back into reality when I tripped and actually completely fell down and skinned up my right hand.  After that every time I missed a step the gal who passed me would look over her shoulder and ask, “You okay?”.  I told her to stop looking back or she might be the next one to fall!

As I neared the finish line I gave one final sprint and finished strong coming across the finish line at 2:20:42.  (A 9:04 pace)  The race announcer was giving names of people as they crossed the finish line and I heard a name that was sort of like mine; “Here’s Paul Meyer finishing the 25K”.  Paul Meyer?  Mmm, must have misread my name.  Then as I walked out the end of the chute there was a guy there and he said, “Hey!  That’s MY number!”.  He was actually kind of ticked.  I was still trying to recover from the sprint I just put on and was like, “What?”.  So turns out, I was given his number by mistake when I picked up my race packet and they had to give him a new number.  What was funny was he was the same age as me and wound up coming in 1st in our age group, but when they posted the results his new number wasn’t on the list.  So I talked with the race director and they said they would fix everything when they posted the results on the web site.  (We’ll see.)

Had a great time.  Chris Cable and I started the race together and he even said a little bit on my podcast at the start of the race. (Here)  Also meet up with a couple of guys from O’Doherty’s, Tim & Jeremiah, and actually ran with Tim for a while.  (Jeremiah took 3rd in his age group)

After the race I came home and took an ice bath, and for some reason they seem to be getting easier to do.  Yes, I did a podcast of this one too. (Here)

I must say, this was a very hilly race and I know I wasn’t properly prepared.  Two weekends ago I did a 13 miler and last weekend I should have done another long run but instead did the duathlon so I was really pushing myself to go this distance.  And my goodness the hills!  Did I mention this was a hilly race?  WOW!  But I loved the course and would love to do it again just as a training run.

Well, it’s WAY past my bed time, so TriMoot…(yawn) OUT!
Update: Finished 58th out of 192 overall and 8th out 24 in my age group.

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Upcoming Race: Spokane River Run – 25K

This Sunday @ 8:45 in the morning I will embark on my 1st 25K trail run…..IN THE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  Well, why not?  I’ve been training in the snow all winter long, so why would I expect not to have to run a race in it?  But as I’ve said on previous post, I’m not really racing this event as it is my 1st trail run and I don’t want to sprain, tweak, or break anything.  I’m anticipating a relaxed safe enjoyable romp through the snow, cold & gray sky’s.  Doesn’t that sound appealing?

  It is officially a race, but I am going to treat it as my weekly long run and not attempt to race it.  I don’t normally do trail runs, even though I love them, so I’m going to plan on being very relaxed and ‘careful’ about this race.  The last thing I want to do is to push it and wind up injured.  I’ve worked pretty hard all winter to stay in shape and I don’t want to chance messing up my season by doing something I haven’t prepared for.  Oh, I don’t mean mileage wise, I’m ready for the 15.5 miles, but I haven’t practiced running on uneven ground and over tree roots covered in snow.  So if I do a 9:30 or 10:00 pace, I’m fine with that.  (Hmm, as I said that there’s a part of me that says, “What? 9:30 pace?  Come on!  You can do MUCH better!”.  Maybe, but I don’t want to.  I want to come away with a feeling of accomplishment and no injuries.

Here’s a quote from the gal who won last years race:

”I have been running for over 20 years and The Spokane River Run is one of the very best races I have ever experienced! Anyone who enjoys off-road, cross country running will LOVE this event. I was thoroughly impressed with how well the 25K was marked. There was not a single time that I was confused about which way to go, and there were even volunteers manning aid stations out in the middle of the forest. The Spokane River Run is tranquil and it is challenging. It is an exhilarating experience for the body and spirit. Thank you for bringing this run to Spokane!”
Lori…25k ( 1st place women’s division)

Well, there you have it.  So come on out, sign up and have a great run through some pretty cool trails!

TriMoot…OUT! Spokane River Run

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Running @ Lunch

Hey hey!  Not a bad run at lunch today.  Ran into Chris Cable on the path so turned around and ran with him.  He’s planning on running the Spokane River run this Sunday.  Not sure what distance he’s doing, I’m attempting the 25K.  It’s a Trail run and I’m using it as my slow weekend long run, so I don’t plan on pushing it too hard.

Today I’m trying out this new tool from Microsoft called “Windows Live Writer”.  It’s connected to the whole .Net thing and works with MSN Messenger and supposedly will write directly to my wordpress blog. 
So, let’s find out if it works!



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Spring Thaw I Result

What a beautiful day!  78′ in Spokane on Sunday April 13th and probably over 200 people showed up for the race.  And not just your weekend warriors either, we’re talking sponsored athlete’s showing up to grab all the great swag and prizes.  Oh wait…the prizes were ribbons and the swag was a packet of gue.

BUT…it was a great race.  Lot’s of people and perfect weather.  The course was a 2.2 mile run with a 9.6 mile bike and another 2.2 mile run.  My goal for this race was to do both the run’s around the same time with an average of 7:30 per mile and to do the bike the best I could and hopefully come in under 1:05:00.

Guess what?  I did!  My time was 1:03:41 minutes.  How did I fair in my age group?  (6 place out of 11) Not sure yet but I wasn’t in the top 3, Dang!  But feel really good about the race especially the run.  My bike is weak and I will really need to work on that this year and through out the winter. (53 place out of 176)

Aferwards my daughter Rachael and my wife, who supported me with lots of cheering and encouragement, hit the tails around 9 mile and then headed towards 7 mile on a piece of the Centenial Trail that we had never been on.  It was beautiful but hilly.  Tons of folks were out walking, running and biking.

A great day was capped with a stop at Down River Grill for eats and drinks.  I highly recommend this place, great food and service.  (Check out the fries with Gargonzola cheese..yum!)

I’m tired and heading to bed…TriMoot…(yawn) Out!

Details: Bike: 29:50, 19.41 avg Mph * That’s not right, adding the numbers below I get 17.4 Mpg
             Run: 33:51,   7.41 avg Mpm
Bike: Lap 1 – 19 Mph, L2 – 15.8, L3 – 19, L4 – 19.9, L5 – 16.8, L6 – 17.4, L7 – 15.8, L8 – 14.5, L9 – 18.3

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Race Prep

Well, it’s been a quiet week since my Half Marathon practice run.  Well, not that quiet.

Sunday was a recover day although I did some work around the house.  Then on Monday I felt so good that I did a 2 mile run and a bunch of wind sprints on the way back.  I ran telephone poles on the 2 mile return.  Some of my sprints were very hard and according to my Garmin I was doing a sub 5:00 minute pace on the sprints.

That was during lunch.  After work I went to a spin class at Oz, fell off my bike and gouged my stomach while my good friends “CHRIS & TIFF” laughed! (THANKS!)  After that I did an hour of yoga.

The next day I was so sore!  I ran 13 miles on Saturday and took an ice bath and I felt great; not the least bit sore on Monday.  But the combo of running sprints, doing a spin class, and finishing it off with yoga I think might have been a little too much.  Oh, did I mention I also started ridding my bike to work each day?  GOSH!

So I tried to go easy the rest of the week and today I actually took the entire day off!  No running, biking, weight lifting…nada!  Actually felt good.  Went to a bike shop and looked at all the expensive stuff and walked out with a water bottle cage.  But even that cost $16.00!  But it’s extra light and it matches my bike perfectly.  Ah…my bike..Did I mention I love my bike? 

I finally took my 1st ride on my 2007 Specialized Aleze (Yes, it’s used, but looks brandy new) on Wednesday at lunch and I can’t believe how smooth it felt.  It really felt good, althoug I am worried that it could be a little too big for me.  It’s a 58 cm bike and I’m 5’10” 165 lbs.  BUT..for some reason on my other bikes I’ve always felt more comfortable on bigger frames so I’m hoping this will work for me.  Time will tell.  Oh, and I found a great web site that helped me adjust my rear derailer so I didn’t need to take it in and pay $50 bucks just to turn a couple of screws. 

Well, I have a duathlon on Sunday at 9 Mile in Spokane.  It’s just a small one, 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run.  And the weather is supposed to be BEAUUUUTIFUL!  Seventy wonderful degrees!  FINALLY!  Afterwards my daughter, wife & I will be going over to the 7 mile area and riding a bunch of the trails that I’ll be running next week in the Spokane River Run 25K race.  So this weekend should be a lot of fun. correction here…my prediction on my race calendar might have been a tad too aggessive.  I said I would shoot for 50 minutes.  Well, after my bike ride this week of 34 minutes for 10 miles I don’t think I’ll be able to run the 4.2 miles in 16 minutes.  So….I want to re-estimate my race at 67 at the very best.  BUT, whatever.  It’s just a tune up.


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Half Marathon and an Ice Bath

Wow!! What a great run today!!!

Once again ran with the group from Life Center (well, there really wasn’t a group, just two other folks), but we had a great time.  It was a windy, snowy, gray day, and things started off rather tough feeling for me.  My legs felt a little heavy and didn’t feel like I had a lot to give today.  But after 3 miles Christy said that if I wanted to do a longer run then I should keep going straight and they would turn left for about a 1 hour run.  Christy is coming back from some issues with right foot and the doctor limited her to 1 hour.

So we said our good byes and off we went.  I immediately stopped and queued up my very favorite podcast, “Staying the Course, by Dick Beardsley” and took off again.  That was at the three mile mark.  The snow was falling pretty hard and I was having a very difficult time seeing with my glasses getting all snow covered.  Too bad no one’s come up with windshield wipers for glasses.  At one point I had my wool hat pulled down to the top of my glasses with just a little slit between the two.  I would tip my head down every so often so I could see where I was headed and then I’d look back up. It was as though someone had thrown a huge snowball at my head.  It was great!  I wound up coming upon a busy road and it turned out to be airway heights, so I looked at my Garmin and saw I had gone a little over 6 miles, so I turned around and ran back the way I’d come.  I figured that 12 miles would be fine.

I felt good.  Wasn’t doing a fast pace, probably around 8:30ish but everything felt fine.   No sore knees, my breath was very relaxed, felt like I could go all day.  And listening to Dick’s podcast, I probably could have.  Finally got back close to the truck and saw I had gone 11.5 miles and I thought I’d like to do an even 12 so I turned down another road and kept going.  At this point I was feelling really good and said, “What the heck, let’s do a half marathon!”  So I fired up my phone and dialed into my podcast and recorded my last mile and half.  (Half Marathon) (Sorry about the mike noise, it was rubbing up against my vest zipper.)  (Also sorry that I said 13.2 was a half marathon, I was delirious!)  (Also, sorry about the spitting noises…yuck!)

When I finished, I felt terrific!  My legs still felt strong and I felt like I could have gone another 4 or 5 more miles.  However, I was VERY hungry and thirsty.  My next long run I’m going to bring a gel pack or two and figure out some way to get water.

This was a great run and next weekend I have a small duathlon and the following week I have a 25K trail run, and now I feel like I should have no problem doing them.  Although I need to focus on the bike this week, as long as the weather cooperates.

When I got home I decided to take an ice bath as recommend by this podcast interview. (Ice Bath and other recovery tips (Epidsode 4)  Now keep in mind I’m a Florida guy and hate anything cold (well, except for a cold beer), so picture me filling up the bath tub about 1/3 full with cold cold water.  I was wearing a wool hat and sweater, climbed into the tub and then quickly poured the entire contents of our ice maker bucket into the tub.  And you will all be proud of me, I didn’t even scream.  Well, maybe just a little, but you couldn’t hear it beyond the neighborhood so it doesn’t count.  I even recorded a podcast of the ice bath: (Ice Bath)

Well, this was a long post and there are lots of podcast to listen to, so I hope you will.  Keep running, biking and swimming everyone, and I’ll meet you somewhere on the road!


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