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Coeur d’Alene Half Marathon Report

Just a quick report to say, “IT WAS AWESUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
What a great race!  Cool start, Sunny warm finish, perrrrrrrfect!
Time?: 1:38:44…oh YEAH!!!!  That’s a 7:32 pace!! Boston…here we come!! (I hope, I hope!)
More Stats:
Came in 4th place in my age group out of 32
Came in 79th place out of 1003 half marathoners
Came in 59th place out of 380 males
I have to be honest, I was surprised to see I came in 4th in my age group.  I didn’t expect that!  I was 2:19 out of 1st place….next year…I’ll be back!

Okay, here’s a more detailed report.
It was a cool day, but not cold and it was over cast for much of the race.
The race fro the half marathoners started at 7:30 and since CDA is about 30 to 35 minutes away I got up at 5:45.  Probably should have gotten up earlier as I was speeding to get there on time.  (Not excessively but about 5 miles over the limit, not enough to blow the angels off the bumpers.)
Had my usually oatmeal with rasins but with out the nuts, dry toast (Thanks Steve!), mild and coffee.  Unfortunitly since I was in such a rush I didn’t have time to ah…well, you know….do the things you’re supposed to before you run 13 miles.
So I arrived at the race site at 7:15 and had to find a place to park and….well, you know….but I just didn’t have time!  By the time I jogged over to the start line we only had about 5 minutes before the start the lines to the porta potty’s was WAAAAAYYYYYY long, so I just hoped all would go well.

Met Tina, Leslie, and ….? don’t remember the other gals name from our running group at Life Center.  (What a great group!)  Tina was all pumped about this run.  She has been working hard gettting ready for this, as well as Leslie, but Leslie wasn’t feeling 100%.  Actually neither was I.  I’ve been struggling with a cold/sinus thing and have had headaches and just blah feeling for the past 3 weeks or so.  But for some reason, when I get on the starting line of a race, it’s like I just forget that I’m not feeling well.

So the count down started and the gun went off and away we flew!  BUT…I have learned a lesson that you have to force yourself not to start too fast.  Know what your pace is supposed to be and run your pace no matter how fast everyone else starts out.  I’d have to say that most people were very conservitive starting out.  I really didn’t see the usual rush to get to the front.  Everyone settled into their pace about 1/2 mile into the race.  I wound up next to a gal and it was obvious that we were going to running together for a while as our pace was exactly the same.  I struck up a conversation with her, (who me?) and it turns out she’s a triathlete and was doing this race in prep for the Ironman in CDA next month.  I asked if she was planning on doing 7:30 miles and she said she was.  So we chatted the first 6 miles away about training and some of our favorite races and just before the turn around at 6.5 she started to fade back a bit.  There was a small hill and I think she was just getting a little winded.  On the turn around I saw her about a 50 yards back and she waved at me and gave me the thumbs up.  (At least I think it was her thumb).  The whole time we were running together I was keeping a close eye on my Garmin and making sure I didn’t stray too far off the 7:30 pace.  (What’s interesting is I looked at my results on the Garmin after the race and I was always within 3 to 7 seconds of 7:30 except for mile 8 where I slowed down to 7:59).

So things were going along pretty well until about mile 8 where my right leg thigh muscle felt really tight and fatigued, so just as I had been doing all along I really foced on my form and breathing, shortened up my stride and increased my pace. (Gotta run..heading to a movie…OUT!)

Okay, I’m back.  Well, it’s the next day.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, thigh, mile 7 or 8:  About 7 miles into it, my right thigh muscle really felt tight and almost like it was numb, but not quite, so I shortened my stride and increased my cadence and really really focused on my breathing and being efficient and it seemed to help.  I got through that and again at 9 mile same thing, not the thigh, but just feeling a little tired.

Also, I think spacing out the gel seemed to help.  I took a big hit of gel (Carb Boom) minutes before the gun and then kept the packet with me and just sort of took small hits of it every couple of miles or so all through the race making sure I timed it with getting water soon afterwards. (I had two and probably could have used a third one as I ran out around….mmm, can’t really remember but I think it was the 10 or 11 mile mark.)  I think that really helped because at the end I didn’t feel wiped out.  I mean even before the end I thought to myself, “Gee, it almost seems not long enough!”.  (And I’m not boasting here, I just felt that way, like, I “wanted” to run a little longer).  And my recovery afterwards was WAY quicker.  I mean I felt like I could have (and wanted to) go back out on the course and see if I could run with the other folks from my Saturday group and just sort of encourage them to the end. 

  It was certainly a much different feeling than either the duathlon or the 25K River Run.  After both of those races I really had nothing left and felt like I needed to lay down and rest later on in the day, which I did.  What did I do after this race?  Well, I went downtown to CDA and sat outside (It was a BEAUUUUUTFUL day) and ordered a hamburger WITH bacon! AND a Blue Moon beer.  (This was about 11:30 in the morning…oh my!) But I felt SOOO GOOD!  And then when I got back to Spokane Mrs TriMoot hinted that she wanted to go for a bike ride and I was like, Yeah!  Let’s go!  That doesn’t NORMALLY happen.  Normally it’s like, ugh…I need to lay down for 30 minutes (or more), but this time I felt totally recovered and not like I had just run 13 miles. 

  So, I guess I said all that to say, nutrition before and during a race is pretty dang important.  Eat a good breakfast (OAT MEAL!  With raisins and nuts!) AND eat while you’re on the bike and don’t wait until you are hungry, just plan on every 30 minutes(?) or so taking a full or half gel, or just keep taking nips off gel packs as  you think about it.  I never felt like I over ate, or felt bloated or anything except at the 1st water stop.  I had taken a lot of coffee, water, milk and gator aid during breakfast so I took a sip of the water and threw the rest of it down as I knew I didn’t need it.  I wasn’t sloshing around or anything but I felt if I had taken any more liquids, I might start.

Okay more advise.  (Dang..don’t mean to do that, but I’m learning so much more about this.)  Just think if back in 1983 when I did my 1st Boston (unofficially) if ANYBODY had known about nutrition how much better we would have done and felt afterwards.  I mean we didn’t even use Gator aid for pete sake!  There wasn’t even water stops!  You just hoped someone would give you a drink of water from a hose or from the crowd.  Wow… The good old days?  I DON’T THINK SO! one last thing.  Let’s pretend for a minute that I actually continue my training through out the summer and slowly continue to build up my base CAREFULLY so that I avoid injury.  So yesterday I did 13.1 miles in 1:39:00 (round up) IF, and that’s a big IF, I could continue to run the same pace for the next 13.1 miles, I would do it in 3:20:00!!!  (7:37 pace) (Qualifing time for me is 3:45:00)

Now I know that’s not probably going to happen, but it gives me hope that I can actually qualify for Boston since it’s the magical year for me.  I’ll be 54 this year, and since they determine your age group by how old you’ll be in that calendar year, I will be 55 in 2009’s 114th running of the Boston Marathon so I gain 10 more minutes, putting me at an 8:34 per mile pace.  So I’m hoping and praying that I can stay healthy and reach this goal of doing Boston officially in 2009.

My next goal? (Assuming I make this one)  Well, there is a marathon included in a full Ironman…….

What a dreamer!  TriMoot…OUT!


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Spring Thaw Duathlon WINNERS!

Okay, maybe we weren’t winners, but we took 2nd in our age group!

Go Susie!


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Spring Thaw Duathlon II

Just another great day here in the great North West in Spokane, Wa.

Today was the 2nd Spring Thaw Duathlon up in 9 mile and it was fantastic.  It was a 3.3 mile run, 20.6 mile bike with another 3.3 mile run totaling 27.2 miles.  I did it in 2:03:00 even (although my watch showed it was 2:02:40, but whatever!)  I actually took 3rd place in my age group. (No, there were MORE than just 3 people!)

First run segment went pretty much as planned, each mile was 7:30ish and felt good going into transition.  Bike segment was a pretty good effort although my Garmin doesn’t tell me what my per mile pace was so I don’t really know.    I tried not to push too much as I knew I still needed something left in my tank for the run.  When I got to the 2nd run segment my legs were pretty wobbly but after about a 1/2 mile they felt back to normal.  I felt like I had a 8:00 pace or better for the 1st two miles but the last mile I slowed down a bit till the end where I had a enough left to do a surge to the finish.

One thing that is consistently clear to me is after a race I can not stop and chat.  I HAVE to keep jogging and slowly get my breath back.   If I don’t, I go into oxygen debt and I feel like I have asthma, so I have to learn to keep jogging for the next five or ten minutes until everything returns to normal.

There were a number of friends at this race: Susie decided the night before to do this race and was a little nervous but wound up taking 2nd in her age group!  A GREAT effort on her part!  Then there was the bobcey twins (my name for Jerimahi and Tim) who it seems like they are at every race that I’m at.  In fact we are on the same team for the 190 mile relay this August, so that should be fun!  Jerimiah took 2nd in his age group.

The bike route was a little different and twice as long as the 1st Spring Thaw and it followed the river which made for a very senic ride, although I wasn’t looking too much at anything but the road.  Which was very rough in many sections.  I was very happy to get back on the main drag which was very smooth and I felt like I was really able to push.

To celebrate, I stopped off at “Down River Grill” and picked up a to go order of “Gargonzola Fries”….Hmmm, Sooooo good!

Well, next Sunday in the Coeur d’Alene 1/2 Marathon.  Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!

TriMoot Out!

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I know I know…we all go through it.  Parents get older, health fails, the dreaded phone call…

Except I knew better.

I knew this would happen, and I tried, I really tried to figure out a way to go see my parents before this happened. 

Money, lack of.

Being too busy.

Always hoping the next pay check would allow me a visit

Seems like there was always something

It’s not right that we lived so far apart

I always called, but that’s not enough

Can’t hold or touch someone through a phone line

Can’t speak to them eye to eye, with subtle meanings understood

It’s not real

It’s not true


So Mom was diagnosed with cancer of the lung and liver
Doctor told to get things in order
Well, certainly that’s true, except we really should have them in order now
No God?  What are you crazy?  Look…LOOK!  Think these hands were made by chance?
Think your eyes just happened?  Come on…that takes more faith then I’ll ever have.
No…there is God, and he Loves us so much.  All he’s ever wanted was you.  Just you. 

To Love
To Encourage
To Guide you into a full and exciting life
To let you know that you are special

Well God, please be with Mom and Dad as they are scared and loney
and I so much want to be there to tell them how much you care and Love them
please send someone to tell them about you and your Love



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Spokane Bloomsday Run

Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!  FINALLY!!

I’ve been trying to get under 1 hour for Bloomsday FOREVER!

Finally today I was at the front of the Yellow group (Just behind the elite group) and I did bloomsday in 55:22!! YES! YES! YES!

I think that’s around a 7:25 MPM pace.

Great race!  Not too crowded at the start, but there still was a bit of dodging around people, just not as much as when you start in the green group. 

Felt good most of the way.  Had to really fight hard not to run too fast on the 1st couple of miles as it’s mostly downhill.  And as usual around 6 miles I started to feel a little tired, but just focused on form and sure enough pretty soon I felt better.  Had a nice strong finish.  And of course as I saw the time ticking down towards 55:00 I really made a push but a little too late to get under 55:00.  Next year?

Shirts are red with a pretty cool image of runners, I’ll let the artist decide if it’s good or not.  I really have no idea, but it sure seems a hot topic with some people.

Any who..I’m THRILLED!

TriMoot, Out!

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