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Knee Update – 12/7/2015

Well, I survived!  HA!

We left the house and it was snowing a good amount.  The road was already covered and we had this big hill to climb.  Unfortunately, a little front wheeled car got in front of us and started up the hill.  I waited to make sure it would make it but because of another car behind me I went ahead and started up.  Sure enough the little car was struggling and thank goodness it pulled over to the side and I was able to zoom right up the hill in my 2000 Isuzu 4×4 (I LOVE THAT SUV!!)

Normally I would have stopped to help but we had to be there at 8:00 AM and I never like being late.

We got checked in and few minutes they took us to the room and started to get me ready for surgery:PriorToSurgery

Here they’re just finishing off shaving my leg (ugh, my pasty legs, I NEED the hair!).  They had already put the IV in and had yet to give me any funny juice.  Everyone was professional and kind.  This was at Sacred Heart and they’ve always done a great job there. (Beth was taken care of here initially)

One by one all the folks that were going to be in the operating room filed in and introduced themselves and told me what to expect, and finally the doctor came in and did the same.  I told Dr. Vanderwilde that I had watched two video’s of the same knee surgery I was going to have today and what was apparent to me was…they just needed more room to work on my knee!  I told him, “Don’t limit yourself to such a small cut, feel free to open that baby up so you can do accurate measurements and make smooth cuts on those bones”  He assured me I didn’t need to worry and that three inches were enough to get the job done.  I didn’t say any more but I’ll let you decide.  Click HERE if you want to see just an animation of what they did on my knee.  But click here if you want to see an actual video..BUT BE CAREFUL!!! the actual video is VERY GROSS!  I had to watch it in small doses.

Well hopefully you’re back and your stomach is still full.

FINALLY they gave me what I had been waiting for the entire week, the ‘Happy Juice’, the ‘Forgetaboutit Juice’, the ‘This will be the last thing you remember before you wake up in the recovery room Juice’.  And it was!


Actually, this was supposed to be my ‘pathetic’ look, either description works!

Sandy told me later as I don’t recall ANY of it, that when she asked me if I could feel the medication that I put my hand in front of my forehead and made a motion of something flowing all down the front of my head and that I said something like, “I feel…………I feel………….” and that’s about all I got out.  Except I could tell they were making fun of me and so I said something like I was still under control and that I could name the 7 layers of the TCPIP stack.  And I kept saying that over and over, although I’m not sure I actually said any of the layers (I think I may have called one the avocado layer)

Anyway, off I went into the operating room and I wish I could describe the amazing smells and bright lights and all the blue gowned doctor’s and nurses, but I can’t…I don’t recall a thing!

But I ‘hoped’ it looked something like this:

What I hope the OperatingRoom looks like

And not something like this:


But needless to say things went very well, and the next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room and as I looked around everyone was in various stages of recovery, some completely out, some being taken to their rooms and ones like me, sort of in and sort of out.  But I was awake enough to ask for some ice chips and they tasted like heaven!  They did tell me that my wife had been called and that they were going to wait for a few more minutes and take me to my room on the 4th floor.  I really don’t have a solid flow of consciousness after that.  I just sort of arrived at my room and looked down to see if my leg was still attached. (I did actually have a dream prior to the surgery that when I woke up my lower leg was missing!!!  The doctor said (In an English accent), “Ah yes, Mr. xxxxx, I see you’re awake.  Jolly Good.  So..some good news and some bad news.  Good news, We didn’t have to replace your knee!  Yes, splendid.  Bad news…we did have to cut off your leg.  Sorry about that old chap.”

But all was well:


The hospital stay was pretty much what I expected.  They wake you up to give you medicine.  They wake you up to take blood samples.  They wake you up to see if you need anything to help you sleep….jeepers.

But again, everything went well and after two days I was out the door and slowly working my way up our stairs into the bed Sandy and I had set up in the office.

The physical therapist (PT), his name was Ed, had prepared me quite well for how to handle getting in and out of a car as well as getting up stairs, so other than it being a wee bit scary (under the influence and all) I made my way up and carefully flopped into bed, which felt wonderful!

I’ve been home 3 days now and was visited by a nurse and a PT once and given numerous exercises to do, and I’ve been doing them, probably not as often as I should as there are other things I have to attend to.  One of which was a real surprise and let down.

I had been laid off of work since the end of May and have been looking for work ever since.  I finally got a job through Volt at a local blood lab company (I won’t say which one).  It had been my 2nd time interviewing with this company I must say both times I think the interview went well, and I felt very comfortable talking with everyone, the supervisor and all the potential co-workers.  It felt like family.

So after I was settled into my room and visiting was over I checked my email on my phone only to discover the job had fallen through due to funding problems with the position.  Dang.  Not what I had hoped and prayed for.  Very very disappointed.  I may have even asked for more meds…can’t remember.

BUT…I’m home and continuing to look for work and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt God’s got something good for me right around the corner.

I was feeling a little down yesterday and asked one of my daughters if she wanted to join Sandy and I for a romp around the North Town Mall.  So we piled into the car and found the nearest wheelchair and went shopping!


Well, THEY went shopping, I went buzzing around all the different stores and hallways pretending I was doing a Bloomsday run only ‘inside’. HA!

It was a way to help with the cabin fever and always a joy to watch as ‘other people’ spent money!

TirMoot out!


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Goodbye Knee Pain!

Well today at 10:00 AM I will have surgery on my right knee, WOOHOO!

Since I don’t have a lot of time, I’ll just hit the highlights:

February 5th of this year I was on my bicycle on my way to work and was hit by a driver (a nice gal) and I went flying and landed on my tailbone.  Man that was painful!  Still hurts from time to time, but the real pain lasted about four or five months.

What was not obvious at first was my right knee.  My left knee had a sore area on it and I assumed it was hit by the car or my bike, but my right knee appeared to be okay at first.  Then as time went by I noticed I was not able to do the same things I used to do, even simple things like standing and doing dishes, and even at night my right knee would ache.

Long story short, after getting shuffled around to THREE doctors, I finally got the right guy and a questionable date, today, December 2nd.  What’s interesting about this date is my sister who is WAY WAY older than me, 😉 had her right knee done two years ago today…so strange.

Now if you want to know sort of what is entailed then check out this demonstration of what is planned for today: here

Now if you are REALLY brave, check out the actual procedure: here
Just be prepared, it’s VERY difficult to watch.  I had to do it in small increments throughout the day.

So I’m leaving in a few minutes to check in, and then at 10:00 AM the surgery will start.

I’ll hopefully check back in throughout the week and give updates.


PS: The reason it’s a questionable date is I JUST was offered a job (I’ve been out of work since the end of May) and they wanted me to start on the 7th, but I pushed it to the 9th.  However, the doctor said I’m nuts and to push it until 14th, but I’m not sure the new company would have gone for that, so I’m going to do my best to be ready on the 9th.  Prayer is welcomed.  Thanks!

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