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Where have I been?

Busy Busy Busy!

Well, this is going to be a catch-up catch-all blog today as I have been neglectful in keeping this upto date.

So quickly, here’s what has happened:

Windermere Marathon:  Well as you can guess, I didn’t make my Boston qualifying time of 3:45:49.  I missed it by 3 minutes and 8 seconds.  I won’t go into it all here, it would take WAY to long, but you can read my review of the race here.  And here’s a link to some of the pictures.  The last one says it all.

Trip with my Dad: Well about two days after finishing the marathon I headed off to Terra Haute, In., to meet my Dad and visit his old stomping grounds.  What an amazing time we had!  It started off with an amazing meeting of my Dad and Wanda his cousin who he lived with when he was 12 through 18.  They hadn’t seen each other in over 54 years!  In fact almost everyone that met my Dad said, “Puzzy! (that was his nick name)  We thought you were dead!”.

The trip started off with a miraculus meeting of Wanda who we had NO IDEA of where we were going to meet.  We were just driving along and said, “Hey, let’s stop here at this gas station and see if we can call them”.  So we went in and asked for a phone book and as the clerk handed me it we heard over the intercom, “Attention: Is there a Mooter, a Paul Mooter in the store?”.  We turned and looked at each other and then walked to the center of the store and Wanda’s husband, Carl,  walked over and said, “Are you Paul?  We thought you were dead!”.  Well, we couldn’t believe it!  We had just picked this random gas station and they they were waiting for us.  Truely a God moment!

We spent some great days going around and visiting Dad’s grade school, High School in New Goshen and then his old home stead where there once was a Mooter Gas Station / Gorcery Store.

Then we found the old grave site.  What a strange feeling to see your name on a grave stone.  In fact I was named after my Dad’s Dad.

Well we have so many good times and I will write  more about them later including some audio recordings of my Dad telling the story how how his Dad died in the mine and even how to drive an old Model A Ford.  (Not as easy as you might think!)

Suffice to say for now that I am so thankful to my wife for letting me go on this trip with my 84 year old Dad.  This was a trip of a life time and I will never forget it!

Here’s a link to some of the pictures.  Please be sure to check from time to time as I will have updated it with many more pictures and videos.

Ironman Volunteering: Guess what Steve-o and I are doing this Saturday and Sunday?  No, not the race!  BUT we are going to volunter on Saturday and Sunday so that on Monday we’ll have the 1st chance of registrying for Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2010!! OH YEAH BABY!!!!!

I knew some day I would FINALLY do a FULL Ironman and I thought it would be in 2009 but when I went to sign up I was SHOCKED at how much it cost so I just couldn’t pull the trigger.  So this year we scrimped and saved and come Monday, Steve and I will drive over to CDA and plop down $550.00 (gulp!) for the honor of working our tail off to try and compete and complete our 1st Ironman next year.

A Year of 1st:  This has been a year for 1st both for me and Steve.

For me, it was my first Ultra Marathon of 37 miles.  Steve joined me for the last 10 miles and was instrumental in getting me to the finish line.

For Steve this was his 1st Marathon and although he had some cramping issues he was so proud to have finish such a tough distance.  Great job Steve!

For both of us it was the 1st time we had ever ridding over a 100 miles.  101.6 to be exact!


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EWU – Sprint Triathlon

Did a Sprint Triathlon with my good buddy Steve (don’t follow me I’ll get you lost) Warrington on Saturday and here’s the Race Report!

Well?….I think I’ll put this on my must do yearly race as its low key, well run, and just a good time (cheap too, only $15.00 not $25 unless you wanted a shirt).

However….my running buddy beat me! Turkey! I think he’s training too well!

Normally when we do tri’s together, I beat him out of the water, he catches me on the bike and then I’ll catch him on the run. This time we finished our pool time together because we both “agreed” that this would just be a “fun” race, but when we got on our bikes about 3 or 4 miles in I was already getting tired and he got about a 1/2 mile lead on me and stayed that way pretty much the whole way. So I thought, no biggy, I’ll catch him on the run….nope, didn’t happen!

We’ve been training together and pushing each other and one of the things I showed him was the thing called “gliding” and it works. (Basically it’s taking shorter strides (which he has a tendency to overstride) and increasing the cadence of your feet turnover. This gives your legs a chance to recoup a little and your breathing also will recovery AND you don’t really slow down. In most cases I find that I actually speed up, and this works on hills as well.)

Well I guess he’s got that down pretty well cause I saw him starting up the hill as I was heading down and I thought I would be able to catch him but it didn’t happen. I NEVER saw him! DANG! He was FLYING! Not sure exactly what our time was but I think he had 1:07:?? And I had 1:12:??. Not sure, the results are not out yet.

But I will do this again as it’s close, and the weather was PERRRRRFECT! (Although last year it was raining). The course is not tough, but not easy either. There is a rather steep, short hill right near the start and then it’s a mild downhill and climb to the turnaround (6 miles) but when you come back and you see that hill, it doesn’t seem all that steep until you’re on it, and I was totally in the wrong gear and wasn’t able to change it as I was already standing up and grinding away.

Then you start the run off on a little steep hill and you don’t really get a chance to catch your breath until about 1 mile, but that’s another downhill, which of course you have to come right back up at the 1.5 turn around.

All sorts of levels of athletes were present: There was a guy with a full carbon bike, solid wheels and was out of the pool after doing 500 meters in about a minute! (Well, it seemed like a minute, that guys was FAST!) Then there was a 5 year old girl who ran the 3.1 miles with her Mom. She was SOOOO cute! Also I saw a least three father and sons doing the tri together which is always cool. There were a few ironman (and women) doing the race as well.

All in all it was a nice way to start the day and season, although I never thought I would like doing a tri in a pool, it wasn’t too bad. We had four people in our lane and just discussed our finishing times and lined up accordingly and it worked out well. We passed the father son team in the pool twice, but saw them at the end and they both had LARGE smiles on their faces so I know they had a great time together.

So that’s my race report. I still want to put together another report about the Windemere Marathon but have been too busy to do that.
So for now…TriMoot..OUT!

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