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Hello TireRama, Goodbye Perfection Tire

So, we’ve been having gas fume issues whenever we fill our gas tank in the RV and whenever we pull long steep climbs, like White Bird hill in Idaho, a long 7 mile hill and by the time we would get to the top we would have to pull over, turn off ANYTHING that was using propane or had a pilot light as the fumes were TERRIBLE inside the motor home especially in the back.

I looked around and found of all places, a tire shop that worked on RV’s and when I called, I talked to this guy named Bill and he was totally on the same page as me as to what I had done to troubleshoot and what I thought was the issue.  So yesterday we picked up the RV after he had worked on it (Emptied the 75 gallon gas tank of all it’s gas, then dropped it, and replaced the fuel pump, filter, hoses and anything else that needed it), and FIXED the gas gauge which of course was the sending unit which a new one was on the new fuel pump.

(And this part is why I’m writing:)

So this morning I called the guy back at TireRama, Bill, and just wanting to thank him again and tell him how happy I was with the overall experience of him working on my motor home (MH), and he said he was glad I called back as he wanted to talk with me and tell me more of what he had done.  (He wasn’t there when we picked it up yesterday)

Bill said that I made a GOOD call getting the fuel pump replaced as when his guys were backing up the motor home he could hear the fuel pump ‘whining’ away!  I told him, “I KNOW!!!!” (In a good way)  In fact I had mentioned that to someone..Perfection??, can’t remember and they said, oh yeah, that’s normal.  Bill said, NO..that is NOT normal, and he should know, as they work on a lot of MH’s.

As soon as I got home I let the engine run and went back and sure enough you CAN’T HEAR the fuel pump..and THAT is normal!  So again, he said that was a smart call to replace that as he thinks it was getting ready to fail.  And just think of what that would mean if it failed while going to Boise or anywhere…do you know what size tow truck is needed to tow a 32′, 17,000 pound motor home?  A BIG ONE!!!!!!!!

Then I asked, where the location of the fuel filter is and again he said, “oh, that was another good call to have me replace that” (although he said he normally R&R fuel filters when doing this kind of work.. I had called and specifically asked him to do that).  I asked him why?  He said that when he removed the filter and banged it on the floor, just to see if there was anything in there..he said it was FILLED with gunk!  AND that it was a Motorcraft, which is what Ford, the maker of the ‘carriage’ part of the RV, (engine, frame, gas tank, etc) names it’s parts.  Which ‘could’ and most likely mean, that it is the original fuel filter from 1997!!!  THAT IS NOT SMART!  I don’t know how often that should be replaced but certainly more often that once every 18 years!!  Bill also said that ALL of the hoses he replaced, which are many, and one that goes all the way to the generator as that’s where the generator get it’s fuel, also had the Motorcraft logo and name on them, which again, most likely means they have never been replaced, which may or may not be a big deal, as I think those things are supposed to last a LONG time.

And then I asked about the drain plug, should I have had  him install one while it was empty? (All 55 gallons that fit into a clean 55 gallon drum he had).  He said that it might not have been a bad idea and of course we could always to it later, but again that would be expensive.  I said the reason would be so in case the tank is or gets gunky.  He did say, he reached down in there and cleaned out as much as he could with a clean rag, so it’s in pretty good shape.

It’s those kinds of things that aren’t shown on the itemized bill, but can sure make a difference down the road, as well as shows you the kind of care they take with each and every auto they work on.

I told Bill that he has my business from now on.  I know his shop is a bit out of the way, but I could tell by the way the shop looked, how I felt when I was there, and in talking to him (have yet to met him) as well as the guy at the counter, these are good quality people and you can tell by the shop they take pride in their work and where they work.  Everything is spotless…and I’m talking not only of the show room, but the shop was bright, clean and very orderly.

I now wished I had purchased my RV tires (all 6) from them.  Especially looking back on how Perfection did the ones on the RV.  I know I asked them if they could handle a rig this big, and they assured me they could.  But when I watched as they attempted to jack up the RV, the 1st GIANT jack wouldn’t work.  So they brought out two smaller ones and had to carefully jack up one wheel at a time was almost comical if it hadn’t been MY rig!  I wish I would have said..STOP!  Forget this. and learn.  I will not be going back to perfection for tires and probably most anything.  I think I’d rather drive all the way out to airway heights and have TireRama work on my rigs.

So goodbye Perfection Tire…Hello TireRama.



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