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On the Spot Kona Reporter – KakaNaKala…Kaka for short

A TriMoot 1st!  We have an on site reporter sending live updates from the Ironman World Championship Triathlon in Kona Hawaii (The Big Island):


(Update: Click here for more photos of Kona from the Ironman web site.) 


Kakanakala Mooter: “Hello Dad…ah, I mean, TriMoot, I’m reporting live from Hawi at the turn around point near the Kohala coast.  Well, they look sweaty and the front runners have all passed by and I’m seeing the middle of the pack competitors now, and as you know, they’re called, “The Age Groupers”.  These age groupers at the end of the pack, I’m seeing some tummies, a little hip, some beer bellies, but they seem to be enjoying themselves more that the front runners.  I’m seeing a number of older folks running through, around 53.  I’m also seeing a lot of pink, I like pink.  Pink is beautiful.  Pink is why I live…


TriMoot:  “Excuse me, Kaka…KAKA!”


KaKa: “Yes, pink is absolutely my favorite ..oh, I’m sorry, you’re breaking up, what did you say?”


TirMoot:  “I was asking if you could sum up what you’ve seen so far.”


KaKa:  “Sum up statement?  Oh yes..ahmm..All in all,  an impressive display of athleticism and determination and the coffee wasn’t bad either”.


TriMoot:  “Coffee?  You’re drinking coffee?  We’re not paying you to drink!…oh wait, we’re not paying you at all..never mind.  Ah..well can you give us a final statement?


KaKa:  “Final statement?, yes:  Favorite part was distracting the athletes by calling them personally by name and knowing some of their history provided to me by our network statistician back on the mainland in Spokane.  At one point I yelled out a competitors name just as she was grabbing a bottle of water and she totally missed the water.  Rookie! 


TriMoot:  “Well, there you have it, our on the spot reporter keeping us up to date on this amazing event.  Thank you KaKa.”


KaKa:  “Hey HEY!  I just want you to know, that I should be the one standing on the podium!  I was here at 10:00 AM in the morning, and not only that, but I’m being forced to drink out of this recycled cup made from corn!”


TriMoot:  “Well sorry KaKa you’re breaking up.   Keep those pictures and updates coming!


“Talk about a high maintenance…ah, are we still on the air?  Opps..TriMoot, signing out!”  (More Pic’s Here)


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