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Tiger Tri – 2009 (Updated)

Well, here it is again. Each year this little tri gets funner and funner.  Okay, so maybe that’s not the best grammar, but that’s just how it is. It’s one of the races that the more years I do it, the more enjoyable it becomes.

This normally is a 1/4 Ironman but due to some safety issues they have had to shorten the bike and the run so now it’s a 1K swim, 40K bike and an 8K run. So to be clear:
1K swim is .62 miles or 1093 yards.
40K bike is 24.8 miles
8K run is 4.97 miles

Not a big distance. Certainly very doable, especially since I’ve been doing those Warrington Tri Series Tri’s.

Well, that’s all for now. I will post my results on Sunday, but you can listen to the pre-race podcast over there on the right under “Daily Podcast”. Not so much daily any more.

So, no matter what I do, this will be a PR! Yeah for new races!

Okay then, a PR it was!

Well, according to my previous blog, I was shooting for a 2:21:30 to a 2:25:30, my unofficial time?  2:15:22

Well, I wish I could tell you I took 1st, or 2nd, or even 3rd for Pete’s sake…but alas…4th place again…AAAHHH!!!!

I had a great time and will put more info here but for now, here’s the finish time: 2:15:22.  I have no idea how that works out, but I do know I had LOTS left in my legs for the run and actually managed to average an 8:14 pace for the 4.5 miles.  (Yeah, they changed the course at the last minute)

Here’s a link to some pictures, and video!  (And don’t forget my audio podcast on the right.  Look for the date July 17th)

Pictures: (Here)

Loading the van

On the Road to Colville

BIG Town Colville

My Campground

Checking out the Swim coarse

Tony’s Pizaa and “The CLAW!!!!”

Crystal Falls

On the way Home

PS:  Oh, by the way, I stopped at the batting cage on North Divison…ah…I don’t think the Mariners will be signing me any time soon.  I used the 60 MPH machine, and out of 25 pitches, I probably hit 8 or 9…ugh.  Think I’ll stick with doing Tri’s!



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Tiger Tri and other Things

As things usually go with me, this started out as an email to my training partner “Steve – o-not-so-slow-no-moe Warrington” and slowly morphed into an entry for my blog.  So here it is….

Wow, I REALLY like this early morning gig.

Yesterday I dropped my wife off at the airport @ 5:00 and then headed into work.  Didn’t take a lunch and was off at 1:30!  YES!

Went over to Fitness Fanatics, bought a new pair of goggles, a couple of gu thingys, and drooled all over the bikes…sigh…I LOVE MY BIKE I LOVE MY BIKE I LOVE MY BIKE…whew..okay, I’m good now.

Then I went to Super Supplements and picked up a couple of things then finally over to Oz and worked out and swam like a maniac!  I LOVE IT!

Didn’t get out of there until 5:00 and I felt like a wet noodle.  Had a good swim tho.  Probably the best I’ve had in a pool all year.  Although I did have a couple of leak issues with my new goggles.  A little disappointed in them.  They are Blue Seventy but I think I bought the “Vision” model.  I was looking at the Hydravision, but I couldn’t find the lens color I wanted and the more I tried them on the more I didn’t like the feel of them.  So I wound up with just the Vision model and…I don’t know.  I guess I’ll try them tomorrow but last night at the pool I was not happy with them, but I did FINALLY get them to stop leaking in the right side.  We’ll see.

THEN..this is the best part, I stopped by Super 1 Foods to pick up a few things and they were having this huge sale and the store was JAMMED!  I was like, ugh.  But did my shopping and I happen to notice they had Townsend “T3” wine (which was startling, since even Albertsons and Safeway don’t have it) on SALE!  I sent a quick text over to my buddy Terry and asked him if this was a good price for the wine and replied, YES!, so, bought 3 bottles (I’m sure my wife will understand, I mean shoot, she’s in Hawaii with the girls AND a CONVERTIBLE!) AND two nice looking steaks!

So guess what I had for dinner last night?  MmmHmmm, Steak n Salad and ONE glass of Delicious wine….ahhhh.  Guess I’d better not get used to eating like that every night!

I then cleaned up, did a search on an author of this one book that I like so much (turns out he wrote the one book, collected a bunch of money for it, moved to England, and has never been heard of since….not even another book!) and then headed up to bed @ 8:00 to start to get ready for bed.  Don’t think I made it until 9:00, but it was perfect.

Got up at 5:00, in work at 5:45 and will probably run at lunch, although now lunch will probably be at 11:00 or a little before, then get off at 2:45.  I’m LOVIN this early morning stuff!  Once I get home I have some laundry to do and then get ready for tomorrow.  Maybe even wash my bike..YooHoo!

I’m thinking after our tri tomorrow I might drive over to CDA and spend the day doing some more swimming as Ireally need to work on that before next weekend.  I know Tiger is only 1K but I would really like to feel strong in the swim this time and I need more time in the open water.

They changed the distances this year in the Tiger Tri, many people are not happy.  They shorten the ride from 28 to 24 and the run from 10K to 8K.   So I’m not worried about the run or the bike, especially since the bike is almost all downhill. But I really would like to put together a good swim.

Last year I did WAY better than the 1st year, but still I had problems going straight and couldn’t see the swim exit at all, so now with the new goggles and having practiced “sighting” a little more, I’m hoping to actually finish a strong swim.

So what does that mean? (I’m thinking this might be a blog for today..sorry)

Swim: Last year: 20:57, supposedly that’s a 1:59 pace, hmm, I didn’t think I did that good.  So

Swim: This year: 20:00, I don’t know, I really haven’t done that much training, but if I did that good last year I….ah, wait a minute, I just now looked at my results from last year.  What a joke!  I DID LOUSY at my swim!  If you look at my age group, I came in 4th, BUT my swim was the 2nd WORSE!  GOSH! So perhaps I should shoot a little higher for a time like 18:30ish.  Hmmm, we’ll see.

Okay so now the Bike:

Bike: Last year: 19.96 MPH Ah- HAAA! So this IS a downhill bike ride!  But I’m still the 3rd from the bottom in my age group..GOSH!  Don’t know that I can improve in this area since I….STINK on the bike and haven’t trained at all this year to improve my strength in that area.  Sooooo, let’s shoot for somewhere in the middle of the pack this year.  If I can get it down to 1:20:00 I’d be okay with that.

Okay so now the Run:

Run: Last year: 54:38 and that’s an 8:49 pace.  So that was the 4th fastest in my age group.  Don’t know if I can improve on that or not.  Well, my time will be faster because the run this year is shorter, from a 10K to an 8K so…let’s TRY to do an 8:30 pace, which would be tough…hmmm, lets say an 8:39 pace.  Thats an improvement right?  So for an 8K, just shy of 5 miles a 8:39 pace is 43:00, an 8:30 pace would be 42:15, so I’m going to go with 43:00.

So here’s what I’m looking at:

Swim: 18:30, Bike: 1:20:00, Run: 43:00, Total: 2:21:30, Oops, need to add time for transistions, so let’s add 4 minutes total for the two transistions fora new time of 2:25:30.  Last year, 2:43:54  But keep in mind the run AND bike are shorter this year, so EVERYBODY’s times are going to be faster!

So I would like to at least take 4th place again this year as that’s the BEST I can hope for as I really haven’t put much time and effort into training, but hey, I DO have to work and have a life ya know!

Well, we’ll see how it goes.

Later Gator!
(Yes, you’ll see most of this on my blog..)


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