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Medical Lake Sprint Triathlon

Another Day, Another Race, Beautiful!

This was my 2nd Founders Day/Frontier Day Medical Lake Triathlon.  Last year I did the race in 1:23:?? and this year was much better at 1:13:45.  HOWEVER…..I had a lousy swim!  I actually stopped twice to catch my breath and try and figure out why I was having such a hard time.  This was my 2nd Sprint in two weeks and both swims were very poor.  TIME TO HIT THE POOL!

But it was a near perfect day: overcast skies, and around 80 degrees.  And I had my wonderful wife along as my support crew and cheering section.  However, she had a little technical glitch and locked her bike with a cable lock she didn’t know the combination to so she missed the start of the race, coming out of the water, and T1 & T2 transitions, but other than that she was a wonderful ….ah…photographer!  Don’t worry, after a call to the police and fire station she was able to get the bike unlocked (cut off the cable) and found me on the running path around the lake where she supplied invaluable support.

As I said earlier, I did not have a good swim.  I must have started out too fast and half way through I was just exhausted and actually started to swim with a side stroke in hopes of recovering a little, didn’t really help.  Finally got out of the water after 9 minutes and 30 seconds of beatting the water.  Ugh…gotta do better!

The T1 transition was much better than the one in Florida, I don’t have the actual time but I would have to guess it was either under 1 minute or just a little over and I have the guys at “” site to thank!  (SOCK SOCK, SHOE SHOE, GLASES, HELMENT, GO!)  Give them a listen as they are great guys and very funny and informative.

The bike ride was pretty good.  I never found someone that was around my same cadence so I really had to focus on pushing myself and not slack off, and for the most part I did.  I did jump on someone’s rear wheel near the end with three miles to go and he helped pull me along for a while. Although I did get passed by a few people I passed more people over all.  Good ride!

T2 was an excellent time, again I’m only guessing as I messed up my Garmin at T1, but I was basically in and out probably under or around 30 seconds.

The run didn’t feel good at 1st, of course it never does, but after 1/2 to 3/4 of mile I sort of got my legs back and started passing people right and left.  Sandy caught up with me about then and gave me some water, support, and even coached me a little to slow down so I could get my breathing rhythm under control.  I was very happy with how many people I was passing.  I remember one guy who passed me on the bike and we kind of went back and forth and he some how got in front of me but I passed him on the run and smiled when I did.  (Does that make me a bad person?)  I even had a lot left in the tank to really push the last 3/4 mile to the finish line.

Other than the swim I was very happy with this effort and this makes two triathlons where I didn’t mess up: No stubbed toe, No flat, No tired legs, and No dirt rubbing on my tire causing me to stop and adjust it.  A good race!

Here’s a pre race report on the way to Medical Lake in the car with my wife.  (Be careful, there is one little scream you’ll have to be ready for): Click Here.
Here’s a post race report, (No screaming on this one): Click
Here are some more photos: Click


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Matilda “Mattie” Mooter…..My Mom.

Matilda “Mattie” Mooter

Click here to see Photo Album of Mom
Click here to see Mom’s Obituary

Mom passed away June 11th at 12:55 PM in her home in Melbourne, FL.  My Dad was with her when she passed.

It’s difficult to put into words a life time of memories about my Mom.  For me, I have a million images that have been burnt into my memory.  If I was an artist I would paint a “Life Scape” of warmth, patience’s, commitment, understanding, humor & Love that would span 53 years and many many canvases.

I love you Mom, and will miss you forever.

PS: Dad says Mom filled up the lake:

Dad says Mom filled the lake.

Dad says Mom filled the lake.

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Singer Island Triathlon Report

Yeah!  THIS was a fun fun race right in my home town area of North Palm Beach, Florida.

I got up at 4:30 AM after just 4 1/2 hours of sleep and left my buddies house, Rod Dettman, at 5:15.  I ate breakfast on the road from McDonalds.  I stopped and got a dry bagel with scrambled eggs and a large coffee.  Not a bad way to start, but I would have prefered my routine oatmeal.

Arrived at the race site around 5:45 and setup all my gear in the transistion site, then walked over and got marked and picked up my race chip.  That left LOTS of time to walk around and get nervous, take some video and do some podcasting.  I love the part about getting your number and your age written on your arms and legs.  (Mine are still showing on Monday, I was very careful not to wash them off.)Good morning Triathletes!

The sunrise was pretty spectacular and although I took a video of it I didn’t get a very good picture.

Rather than type out every little detail, here’s the jest of it:
Sprint Triathlon: 400M Swim, 10 Mile Bike, 3 Mile Run
Time: 1:07:54, Place: 7th out of 12th in my age group, 110 out of 268 over all.
Swim: 10:34, TI: 2:07, Bike: 30:23, T2: 1:51, Run: 22:59

For more details listen to my Podcast:

On the way to the race: (Here)
Still on the way to the race: (Here)
At the race, 18 minutes before the start: (Here)
Race Report, Part 1: (Here), Race Report, Part 2: (Here), Race Report, Part 3: (Here)




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My 1st Century Bike Ride

This is a copy of an email I sent to my son and will serve as my “post” for my 1st century ride.
Here’s a link to a lot of the pictures.  I’m only in one near the end as I’m the one that took them all.

Wow!  What a day!
Today there was a special ride setup for Susie so she could do her 1st Century.  We had to call her “Princess” all during the ride as part of the rules.  (It was all tongue in cheek and a lot of fun)
So some people started at 7:00 am and put in 17 miles right off the bat, but most all the other people, 18 total, showed up and we left Spokane @ 8:00 AM. 
I had my usual oatmeal, toast (No butter), coffee and milk and brought with me two gels and figured I’d buy some power bars on the road as we had 3 stops planned for the total mileage.  (That was a mistake)
We were supposed to go no more than 15 MPH so as to make sure Susie could finish. (HA!)  Well that went right out the window right at the start.  All 18 of us took off and as soon as we got on the road we were doing 20 MPH or more.
This was my 1st century AND my 1st time on my bike with snap in pedals (Speed Play) and my new Carnac shoes. (Normally $216.00, I got them for $45 as they were last years model…big deal!)  So here I am, about to do a 100 mile bike ride with never before worn shoes and with no experience riding with cleats!  DUH!
So off we went to the Centennial trail and what a beautiful day, blue skies and about 68 when we started.  (Warmed up to probably 74 or so).
So due to the high water we had to take a detour and of course we had to stop and talk about it, so as I was pulling up (yes, I was last) I tried to get my right shoe out of the cleat and I didn’t make it in time, and over I went!  RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!  We all had a good laugh, and once we decided where we were going we started to take off and a father and son team on a tandem fell over too! Perfect!
Well, we were heading to Coeur d’Alene and pretty much took the trail until we got to Post Falls and then we went on the south side of the river where I had never been and it was very pretty, but there was a BIG and LONG hill about four miles after we turned on to that road.  But it was so stinking pretty!  Big Big farms and pastures with cows and horses and one heck of a long long hill!  If I had to guess, it probably was a 1.5 mile hill and not a whole lot of recovery spots, just a lot of climbing!  But Susie was a champ!  She never looked tired the entire climb, nor anywhere on the 100 miles!  She was amazing!
We finally got to the top of that hill, and waited for everyone else to catch up, and once we had caught our breath we reapped our reward from such a tough climb…..a MONSTER down hill section that featured a beautiful view of the lake.  But we were flying so fast you didn’t really have time to appreciate it.
We rolled into CDA park, took a bathroom break and then headed  up to the other side of the lake to Higgins point which wasn’t too bad of a climb, but a climb none the less. 
By that time I was out of gel and very very hungry and so I raced back to downtown CdA and stoped at the Iron Horse for a mushroom burger, fries and a Blue Moon beer. Mmmmm-Mmmmm.
Back on the road after about 45 minutes and was pretty uneventful until around the 80 mile mark when I ran out of gas, but thank goodness we had planned on stopping at mile 83.  So after a refuel, (kiesh and a frozen coffee drink) we headed back to the start, but we were going to be short of the 100 miles by about 10 miles.
So when we got back to Spokane we rode downtown, then back out to the trail we just came in on and at about 96 miles I noted the time as 6 hours of riding (My clock stopped during our breaks so that was real ridding time.) and once again I was feeling pretty fatigued, and was very glad when we pulled into the finish at 100.8 miles and 6:27:00.
Six hours!! SIX HOURS!!!!!!!  HOLY SMOKE!!  That is a long time to be pedaling!!!  But what a day to do my 1st 100.
After we finished, Neil, the guy who put on this whole thing for Susie was waiting there with beer and Gatorade.  What a guy!  (He’s a few years older than me and a great athlete!)
He poured a beer for Susie and I had Gatorade and was very thankful for it.
After a while he had to leave and so Susie and another guy who finished along with us, Brandan, were sitting there sipping our drinks when all of a sudden this huge crack of thunder and flash of lighting just burst from the sky and scared the jellybeans out of us!  I jumped up from the ground where I was laying and scrambled onto the deck ready to run into the house.  It was pretty funny!
So we said our good byes and I’m here at home with my feet up, watching WEC (cage fighting…very frightening) and ready for bed!
Well, all I can say is…UGH!!!!!!!!!!  What a fantastic day! 

Dad…ah, I mean TriMoot….Out!

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