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Ran SoSo

Well, the sun came out and I decided to go anyway, so I headed out to one of my favorite spots out west near Indian Canyon golf course.  Started from the parking lot and then headed out not sure where I was going but it wound up being a 10 mile run at a 8:23 mile pace.  It felt kind of hard but still very enjoyable.  Beautiful sun and snow and farms, cows, horses and lots and lots of dogs.

Here’s a link to the podcast about the run.  Enjoy!



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Well, our group decided to cancell today as the roads were very bad.  Many accidents on the highways and I think it was a good call.  BUT…I need to run today so I will go here in a bit. 

In the mean time, I’ve been looking at my race schedule and tweaking things here and there and I’m considering runnng the Portland Marathon this October 5th.  Why?  Because if I can do it in under 3:35 minutes, I would qualify for Boston in 2009!  That would be cool!  I ran Boston back in ’83 at 3:25 minutes but I was a couple of years younger then. 😉 

I don’t know…..most of my training runs are around 7:45 to 8:15 so if I could stay healthy and continue to work on my speed, I’m thinking come October I might just be able to do this.  And to be able to earn a place in the Boston would  be pretty durn cool.

More to come later.   For now, it’s off to run, and maybe a quick stop at Fitness Fanatics as I need a shot of tri-talk!


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Snow Snow Snow!!! Woo Hoo!

Oh yeah!  Look at all this beautiful snow!!!!!I will be running with the group from Life Center tomorrow morning and it’s going to be ahhh-SUM!  But, I had better get those screws into my shoes tonight or I’ll be sliding all over the place.  I just came back from running an errand and it is BAD on those streets!  Oh well will just have to be careful tomorrow.  Will report on it later.  (Wish I still had texting on my phone that way I could twitter while I run.)


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Triathletes…they’re cool!

What can I say?  Triathletes ARE cool!  I got an email yesterday afternoon that one my Tri friends was having his 30th birthday and would I like to join them for an hour and half spin class and then dinner afterwards.  So after a grueling class that left me gasping for breath and my legs like rubber I wobbled over to Twigg’s to join another Tri friend (the birthday boy’s brother) for dinner and a well earned beer.In walks the birthday boy, Chris, his wife Tiff, and the INSTRUCTOR of the spin class!!!  What?  No No No!  Back I say, BACK!

Well okay, it wasn’t that bad, but I didn’t have fond feeling for this person who had just wrung the sweat out of me by pushing me over and over again to the edge of my aerobic threshold.  I mean even my socks were drenched!  I believe I heard sloshing sounds when I headed back to shower for pete’s sake!  Gosh!

Be that as it may, it was an enjoyable evening after all.  Here we sat, experienced athletes in most all levels of triathlons, marathons, swimming & biking and active life styles, and the conversations were great!  Talks of which events are the most fun, the most difficult and the most unique, how we loved our long runs, and some not so much.  Talked about some of our foibles and folly’s, and how dangerous biking can be when you get clipped by a truck mirror.  Dang!

All in all, it was a great evening, and I enjoyed the commrodity of each person and look forward to….well, no, I won’t look forward to doing the spin class again!  NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Go Cougs!

Well, so sad about Gonzaga but perhaps the Cougs can keep Washington State in the press.

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ESPN ncb scoreboard

Go Zags!

ESPN ncb scoreboard

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Today at lunch it was a recovery day.  Ran 4.5 nice and slow.  Even stopped in the middle to chat with an old friend from ISR.
Legs felt great all day yesterday and today.  Never felt stiff or sore.  Then about 2 miles into todays run they started feeling tired so when I saw Brian I was glad to stop and relax.

Now it’s time to go hit the gym and do some strength training. 


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St. Paddy’s Day Race 3/16/2008

36:40 – 7:26 Average – Not bad for an old guy!
1st Lap: 7:03 Yikes!  Slow down!
2nd Lap: 7:18 Need to slow down more!
3rd Lap: 7:29 That’s more like it..whew.
4th Lap: 7:29 Hmm, consistent too…good job.
5th Lap: 7:20 Oh yeah, I had some left!   Great Run!

Great run today.  Meet up with Susie and her Dad Chuck and we started the race toghether.  The 1st mile was down hill so I just let my legs go and when I saw what my time was I was like, uh oh…better slow down.  Two miles came along and I was like, come on..slow down more.  Then at 2.5 miles I stopped and took some water, which I find is okay to do now as I don’t really loose all that much time and it helps me recover.  Susie passed me then and I was able to keep Neil and Susie in sight but I wasn’t able to give it any more gas to catch them.  I even felt a little dizzy at about 3.5 miles but it seemed to pass when I backed it down a notch.  Then at 4 miles, right after we crossed the bridge and turned back into the college I thought, okay, NOW pick it up a little.  But there wasn’t alot left in the tank.  But I was able to finish with enough energy that I dialed up my podcast and recorded the moment I crossed the finish line.  (here

The shirt is kind of …hmmm, not so nice.  I sure hope more races start giving away the high tech shirts as these old cotton ones are sort useless.  Especially since many of the race fees are going up these days, why not throw in a nice shirt.  (Okay, no more rants)

Great race.  Feel great now as I’m witing this only a couple of hours afterwards.  And can’t wait for more races to get here! 


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Riviera Beach Triathlon at Singer Island – June 8th, 2008

I can’t believe it!  A small Tri in my home town in Florida!!  AND it just happens to coincide with a vacation I was planning in order to visit my parents who I haven’t seen in years! Check it out! 

Sure it’s a small race, but it is in my old stomping grounds where I used to swim and snorkel ALL THE TIME!  In fact I had a marine biology class during high school and one of the projects was to go down to the beach slurp up a bunch of fish and put them in the 100 gallon salt water fish tank at school.  What a blast!  AND we got to do it during class!!!  How cool was that?! 
“Ah, teacher, I need to freshen up the water and add a few more fish in my tank, can I go now during the class?  Sure son, just be back in an hour.”  HA!!!!!!  Those were the days!
Anywho, I can’t wait!  I’m hoping my parents who live in Melbourne about 2 hours away will be able to watch as it would be a blast from the past for them to see their old stomping grounds too. What can I say, I am soooooooooo stoked!  YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Not a 100% Yet

Well, here it is Wednesday the 12th of March and I’m still not feeling 100%.Yesterday, Tuesday, I ran a fast 5 and felt okay, not great, but okay.  Did some weight training in the evening and after getting home, I worked on Rachael’s Volvo (door wasn’t opening or locking), then made dinner, washed dishes, and finally had to head to bed. (Made the bed with new sheets)  Man was I pooped!Woke up around 5:00 AM with a terrible headache and stomach ache and never really got back to sleep.  Worked from home for about an hour before I decided I had better go in.  (Lots to do!)So here I am at lunch and I was supposed to run, but just didn’t feel up to it.  I was hoping to run the course for this Sunday’s St. Paddy’s day race just to get a feel for it, but maybe I’ll do that on Friday really easy like.Still haven’t ridden my new bike….>AAAAHHHHH!!! CAN’T WAIT!Well, that’s all for now.  Be sure to listen to the AgeGrouper podcast about Dick Beardsley.  Very cool podcast about his Boston Marathon days and his life in general.  Very entertaining and a great listen when you’re working out.TriMoot….ouT!

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