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End of Season Summary 2008

(I know, I know, this blog is REALLY late but I still want to post it, so please bare with me)

Well, it’s been a great tri season this year (2008)  and I wanted to sum up with an End of Season Summary blog.  But where do I start?

Normally you would start at the begining which would mean January 1st, 2008,  BUT, really this year started before then.

I’m somewhat of a fair weather runner.  If it’s cold, I’m not really into going outside, however this year (2008) was differnt and I know it made an impact in how I performed.  Also, I started working for a company around October of 2007 that had a great gym with all the necessay equipment for putting in a good workout AND two, TWO locker rooms with large lockers and FREE TOWELS!! YAHOO!!!  

As I look back at my log book and my Garmin watch I see that all through the fall and winter I was very consistent with my weekly runs of M-W-F, at lunch time, and my early morning Saturday runs with a group of folks from the Life Center.  My lunch time runs were always by myself since I really didn’t know anyone at work, and while I like that, I also think you don’t push as hard when you run alone.  That’s not to say that I didn’t push.  I have a GPS watch that tells me what my pace is and I tried to always keep the pace around a 7:30 mpm except when I just didn’t have it or I actually planned an easy day, such as after a weekend event. 

Most of my runs at work are around 4 to 5.5 miles and works well for a one hour lunch that includes changing in and out of work clothes, a cool down,  and a shower.  The longer saturday runs would range from 8 to 15 miles depending on how I felt and what my next event was and would start early enough in the morning so that it didn’t impact things at home.

I was going to list all my races and results but you can see that on my calendar here.

I think I’ll just sum up my past year:

Basically I planed and did all the races I planned BUT I didn’t execute all the training I should have.  I substituted smaller races as training for longer races which I found out, just doesn’t work.  If you have a longer event like a half Ironman, then TRAIN for those longer distances and don’t think that a fast sprint or an adventure race is going to equal doing training for 56 miles of biking and 13 miles of running.  This comes from experience: when getting off of my bike after 56 miles in the Troika Half Ironman and not having ANYTHING left in my legs as I got up to run.  I was shocked when I stood up and took a few steps, I was like, “What?  Where’s my legs?”  I mean I had nothing left!  I knew I was in trouble but I still tried to do my plan and that was to try and keep an 8:30 pace, and for the 1st couple of miles I almost did, but as each mile clicked by and I got more and more tired I started walking through each aid station and near the end I walked from the very beginning of the aid station and past the last garbage can of each aid station.  If I had not done that, I would not have finished.  I was that spent.  As a result I wound up injuring my right heel and not being able to train for a marathon in the fall.  Which really helped in experiencing depression as the letdown of the season hit.

So a lesson learned:  Plan  your year so that your training runs/bike/swim are the correct distance for the next major event.  Don’t substitute other races for training too much.  I say too much since other folks say that doing that is okay, but you shouldn’t do more than once per training period, in my opinion.  And try as much as you can to stay healthy but listening to your body.  If you’re not ready to go long, then don’t!  There is always next year.

So highlights of 2008?
First:  Well, completing my 1st half Ironman was certainly a highlight, barring the injury. This was something I had wanted to do from the 1st time I started this sport.  And of course, a full Ironman is what’s planned for 2010.  Here’s the story!
Second: Coeur d’Alene Half Marathon.  This was such a surprise.  I planned (and trained!) to do a 7:30 pace and sure enough that’s what I did.  What I didn’t know until a couple days later was I took 4th place in my age group and was only 2 minutes and 19 seconds from 1st place!!!  I had completed that race with a fair amount of gas left in the tank and had I known I was that close I would have pushed it harder the last couple of miles.  Here’s more of the story!
Third:Well this one was a highlight but also very sad.  I did a small Tri down in my home town of Riviera Beach, Florida in June and it was such a cool event  because each mile was like a trip down memory lane.  “Oh, I used to swim there!  Oh, man I used to live in those apartments!  Awh man, I used to fish off this bridge with my Mom & Dad.  So many great memories.  The sad part was my Mom passed away during my visit.  She died of cancer.  That was a very tough time, probably tougher than all of my events combined.  You can see my blog about Mom here.

The rest of the highlights are sort of jumbled together:
The Spokane River Run
in April was a fantastic run through Riverside State Park.  It was my 1st 25K race and probably one of the more challenging trail runs I’ve ever done. (Except for running in Sawtooth National Forest, THAT was hilly!)  Here’s my blog on this run.
Bloomsday Run:  Well I have always wanted to get under an hour in the 7.55 mile race but this year I actually trained for it and did it!  Here’s the story!
Mt. Spokane to Sandpoint Relay:  Wow, this was a so much fun and very time consuming.  I had never done a relay before and it was a great experience, but it also took up SO MUCH TIME!  I’m not 100% sure I will do another one.  More info on why here and here.
My 1st Century Ride:  Well, not a lot to say except it was TOUGH!  Did this with a bunch of great people and one of the best is Susie.  She and I did a number of races together this year and this was her 1st Century ride as well.  The only thing I can say?  Is EAT EAT EAT during the entire event!  By mile 85 I was soooo spent I wasn’t sure I would be able to finish.  But thank goodness we stopped at Rocket Bakery on Argone and I was able to eat an entire quiche, okay it wasn’t the entire thing but I could have!
Lake Tahoe:  WooHoo!  This was probably the prettiest run I’ve done in a long time. AND I got to do it with my daughter Rachael AND  well, you’ll just have to go here to read about it!
Last but no way least is a FANTASTIC Kayak tripI did with my wife up in Metaline Falls, Washington.  This has got to have been the BEST highlight of the whole summer.  Check it out here!

So, to sum up this past year:  There were highs and there were lows and if I learned anything, it’s that life is precious and should never be taken for granted, and if you love someone, make sure you tell them, and tell them often.  You never know when you’ll see them again.


PS: What’s planned for next year?  Well a LOT of stuff, but that will be in another blog.  The 1st thing that is coming up is my 1st Ultra Marathon!! Here’s what I’ll be doing on March 7th:


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