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Training for IM Coeur d’Alene

Haven’t been doing much lately as I’ve been sick with a cold/flue but went out this Sunday and did the upper part of the IM CDA course and here’s my report:

Well guys, this was my second ride in the northern CDA route hills and I’m beginning to really love it.  The hills don’t seem quite so intimidating as they 1st did.
I parked my car at the corner of 4th and E. Prairie in Hayden where there are baseball diamonds, bathrooms, people and security.   This works well as a restocking location after the hills so I highly recommend this as a starting point.
The 1st loop I started about 10:40 and it was a little cool.  I wore my HP jersey, added sleeves and my yellow riding jacket, had riding shorts and my long under amour leggings.  After the 1st hill I stopped and took off my sleeves and rode the rest of the way like that and was comfortable.  There were times when I was cool but not cold, and I never got hot.
I took my time the 1st loop, stopped a number of times to verify my directions and two pee stops (woods).
The mileage was about 30 miles.  I’m not 100% sure because I didn’t bring my Garmin and my bike computer isn’t setup right but it’s probably close.
The course had lots of shadows so on some corners I had to slow down as I couldn’t tell if there was anything in the road.  There are a lot of small pine cones all over the place so I was nervous about hitting one of those and going down. (Ann Immer went down a couple of weekends ago and had stitches in her elbow)
The gravel section is short, about 12 seconds, but it comes on a downhill so you’re picking up speed and there’s a small lip getting back onto the pavement.  I know where to position myself on the road so I hit the smallest part of the lip.  Right after that there is a VERY sharp right hand turn and it heads up hill.  So on one hand you have to be careful on the turn (the road is not very good here as well) on the other hand you want to keep your speed up to help get up the hill.  It’s not a big hill so I found you can just power up it.
There is one hill in particular that is very tough.  After you go by the lake you start heading north on E. English Point Rd and it’s a big climb straight up with a false summit.  Just when you ‘think’ you see the top another summit comes into view further up the road.  The good thing is once you top the 1st summit the 2nd part of the climb is less steep and you can actually gain a little speed.
I’m very happy that I have a 3rd (Granny) gear.  I was able to pull all the hills and not make my heart jump out of my chest.  I know stronger riders probably won’t need the 3rd gear but with me still recovering from this cold/flue it came in very handy.
After that hill there are plenty more but none as tough as that one.  When you get out to the turn around, Ohio Match Rd, you can really fly once you get to the top of a small hill there.  But don’t be too crazy as you have to turn around and come back up the hill.
One rider I met a couple of weekends ago said, “You’re going to learn to hate the Garwood Rd to Hudlow Rd section”.  Mainly because you feel like you should just be flying down Rimrock Rd  and to the finish and all of a sudden you have to jam on your brakes and hang a right onto Garwood.  So it takes you out of your rhythm and on the 2nd lap, keeps you from getting to the finish as quick as you’d like.
So, I am turning it around and saying I LOVE the Garwood Rd to Hudlow Rd section.  (Always stay positive, right?)  And I do love it.  Garwood is mostly downhill and kind of pretty, and Hudlow is all up hill and VERY pretty.  There are side streets that I would love to take: “Grand Tour” and “Pinewood Way” both look inviting, and even though it’s all up hill there are woods and houses to look at and I LOVE it!
Once back on Rimrock Rd you hang a right onto Lancaster going east.  This is a busy street but there is a bike lane for some of it.  Yes, it’s up hill too.  Once you get to the top there is a rather sharp left then right blind corner and it’s down hill with a very rough and bad section of road.  There are cracks in the road that are parallel to the direction you’re travelling so you have to be sure to avoid those sections. But it’s a little tricky because you’re going so fast.  And this section has the worst most back jarring ruts of all the course that I’ve been on.  So this section is not my favorite.
Then it’s a nice easy cruise to Government way and back to Honeysuckle  Ave and 4th were the car is parked.  Since there is a lot of traffic on Government way you have to be VERY careful.  I was riding along about 20 mph and had the right of way and two cars were at this small intersection and the one on my left never saw me.  Here I am dressed in my bright yellow jacket and he just starts pulling out in front of me.  I start to brake and yell at the same time and he stops just in time.  Jerk (I only thought it, didn’t say it…oh wait, maybe I did).  So yeah, be careful through town. (It is downtown Hayden)
I used one bottle of Infinit and my front bottle of water and one gel.
I restocked my water but not my Infinit as I had two when I started.  I took off my long leggings and only wore my HP jersey and bike shorts but brought my yellow jacket tied around my waist.  I wanted to be ready in case the weather changed.
I was a little cool at 1st but then it started to warm up a bit and I was fine the rest of the ride.
When I got back to the car I had only gone 60 miles for the day but I was wiped.  I had run out of water and Infinit about 8 or 9 miles from the end and was starving.  Part of the reason was, I mixed my Infinit a little light as I was trying to save money.  Bad idea.  Part of the reason is I’m still sick and trying to recover.  I had planned a short run but was too beat to do it.  Gosh….I need a LOT more work!
So, there you have it.  I really like doing these hills and it’s my desire to do this section of the course as many times as I can and to do four loops so I get the distance on the bike too.  I don’t see any advantage in doing the entire IM course as there are traffic issues and most of the other sections are flat.

Even training days are good to capture and put on paper.



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Missed it by that much!

Well, my name wasn’t on the list for the Kona lottery, but it’s kind of good news vs. bad news.

The bad news is…I don’t get to go.

The good news is…I don’t have to take out a loan to AFFORD to go!

Sigh…oh well.  I’ll not stop hoping and training and come October 1st, I’ll sign up again for the lottery. 

But congrats to the Washington winners:

Brian Dillon from Issaquah, WA.
Michael Church, Silverdale, WA. 
(BTW: Michael I saw your phone number on the Internet and sent you a text message..hope you don’t mind.  Just wanted to wish you well)
I wish you the best and if you for some reason can’t make it…ah…I could change my name for a day or two… 😉

Well…… back to focusing on MY Ironman right here in good old Coeur d’Alene, ID.   June 27 th is coming up fast (72 days!) and I am just now getting over a terrible flue bug that has kept me from working out for about 3 weeks.  UGH.  I feel like I’m starting all over again.

Okay..I’m over it…..really…no hard feelings….well, may a little, but really I’ll be fine….sigh….next year.


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Kona Lottery – Tomorrow 4/15/2010 @ 9:00 AM!

Well back in October of 2009 I paid my $40.00 to be put into the Lottery for a slot for Kona.  Huh?  What am I talking about?

Well, each year Ironman opens a lottery system for folks to have a chance to grab a slot in the World Championship Ironman held in Kona, Hawaii.  There are two chances to win:
    1: There will be 150 lottery slots available to the U.S. applicants.  100 names will be drawn from the Passport Club.  It cost $50 to enter.
    2: 50 names will be drawn from the U.S applicants and any unselected Passport Club members.  This cost $40 to enter.

  So, I am a pretty positive person and I figure if God wants me to go, then I’ll only have to enter the cheaper of the two entries, so I paid my $40 and will find out tomorrow at 9:00 AM.

  Am I nervous?  Well a little.  I mean my chances are as good as anyone who’s entered, plus I have God on my side, right?  Well, we’ll see.  Actually, if I do win, I probably won’t even have to post it here, because I’ll be soooooooo happy EVERYONE will hear me scream!

  So, how would this work?  Well for me….perfectly!  I’m doing Ironman CDA (Coeur d’Alene) this June and If I do get the lottery slot, then I would have July to recover, and August and September to get trained back up for the BIG race in October in Kona! 

  Oh MAN that would be cool!  Can you imagine? 

  Last February my wife and I traveled to Kona to visit our two daughters who were living over there and one of the things I just HAD to do was run on Alii drive AND to swim where the athletes swim right there in Kona.

  Well guess what?  They actually had buoy’s setup for another race they were doing and so I was able to go out and swim a short part of the Ironman route.  Amazing!  It’s so clear  you can see all the way to the bottom.  Talk about being distracted?  I hated even having to breathe it was so pretty!  Every time I put my head down there were fish and coral and all sorts of things to distract me from the fact that I really wasn’t all that trained up for swimming at that time.  I mean come on, it was February!

  But it was cool.  I was swimming with the gal my daughter was working for and SHE was an excellent swimmer and had to wait a bit for me to catch up when we got to the turn around point.  But it was so cool!  We stopped, popped up out of the water and were just bobbing there in the surf looking around and talking and man oh man I was taking it all in!  I could see all the hotels and shops along Alii drive and when we started to head back, each time I took a breath I could see the shore and pictured myself riding and running along side the water during Ironman.  Oh what a dreamer I am.

  Well as we’re cruising back to the start and my mind was filled with thoughts of winning Ironman (HA!) all of a sudden BOOM!  Something hits me square in the mouth and my lips instantly swells up!  I’m like, WHAT? 

  I pop up out of the water and look around, and there another swimmer is holding his forehead and looking just as surprised as I was!  HA!  What a hoot!  We’re out here in the middle of the Pacific swimming around and we actually ran into each other!! What an amazing joke!  We made our apologies and made sure neither of was hurt and then continued on with our swim.

  So…tomorrow I find out if I got in.  I’ve got all 10 toes and 9 1/2 fingers crossed (Wood splitting accident) and lots and lots of prayers going up.

TriMoot….waiting on pins and needles!

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Training Bud’s

It’s been a while since I’ve written but it’s not like I haven’t been doing or writing other things.  Just to prove my point, I’m going to include a string of emails between me and my two training buddies who are getting ready for Ironman CDA this June.

I have to warn you…it might turn your stomach.

So, a little setup:  I’ve been sick all this week, typical flue or cold, not sure which and today I FINALLY started to feel a little better.

So here goes:

From TriMoot:
Well boys..I’ve been a little under the weather this week and have done absolutely nothing.
Today is the 1st day that I don’t feel like just shooting myself and calling it quits.
This cold/flue, or whatever it is had me really down.  I’ve missed about 2.5 days of work, and probably should not have been here at all this week as I was hacking and coughing and making everyone else sick.  I’m weak as a kitten, I’m down to my racing weight of 163 but believe me, it’s not a HEALTHY weight loss. 
I still have a bad cough, splitting headache and coughing up green stuff, but I can tell I feel better today.
I’m even thinking about a light spin at lunch today.
As far as this weekend…I think I’m going to do everything indoors.  IF I run, it’ll be indoors, IF I spin, it’ll be indoors.  I’m not sure if I’ll swim, cause I don’t know that I should be in water just yet.  (Still have sinus infection)
I do think I want to sit in the steam room and hope that it helps break up the cough that’s in my chest now.
To stay sane I’ve been watching a lot of IM video.  Some from CDA and many from Kona.
It’s so funny because now that I’ve been on the CDA bike course those pictures of the hills don’t scare me.  It’s almost like a good feeling when I see them, like, “hey!  Those are my hills!  I know them!”.  I don’t “own” them….yet, but how fortunate we are that we can train on the actually course time and time again.  Think of all the out of state folks who have no idea what the course looks like, and may not even get a chance to drive it once.  And believe me, driving it is no substitute for riding it.  We are truly blessed.
Well, probably won’t get to see you guys this weekend as I’ll probably be keeping low and trying to get my strength back.  But if you do go out, be careful, I understand it’s supposed to be pretty windy.
PS: 85 more days.

From Steve-O:
I know that flu/cold you’re talking about, have been there and done that one, its a hard one to kick, it steals any energy you have, weak like a kitten describes it well. Just keep resting up and get lots of sleep.

Jerome and i both decided indoors was in line for tomorrow as well, since it’s going to be so wildly wet and cold.

I need to get on the IM bike course though; i still have no idea what it is or is like.

brought my running gear today but just don’t want to be outside, and I haven’t done much this week either, I’m still trying to heal up the top of that right foot, it still hurts every time i run afterword’s but is slowing getting less and less, it actually held up good on Sundays 13 miles, i wrapped it up for extra cushion and kept my laces very loose so there would be no pressure on the top of it and that seemed to help considerably.

Try to have a good Easter,



From Jerome:
Thanks for the update, Paul. Hope you feel better soon. I can’t remember for sure, but I think that the green phlegm is better than brown. I think when it’s brown; it’s like a bronchitis infection. Gross.

From Steve:
HEY trying to eat here!!

From TriMoot:
Jerry, could you go into more detail on how brown the brown phlegm like mucus stuff looks like?  I think this would really help in curbing Steve’s eating habits.

From Jerome:
My favorite hack-ups are when I have a sore throat, and as I start to get better, I’ll hack up a huge quarter-size ball—and there’s a little blood in it. I almost want to save those, they’re so impressive.

How’s that, Steve-O?

From TriMoot:
 I think that’ll do it!

From Steve:
Having a craving for split pea soup with diced tomatoes in it.

From TriMoot:
Now you’re making ME sick!  I hate split pea soup!

From Steve:
Ha I win! Yahoo

And there you have it.  A typical string of emails between my training buddies.

I’m sorry I had to put you through all this, but it does help explain some of my other post.


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