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HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!! Boston Marathon 2011 (and more)


I have been TRYING to get my login issues resolved on my blog since the beginning of this year and just TODAY I finally was able to convince the folks at WordPress that this is actually my blog! (Who else would even WANT it?!)

There was an issue with my old email account (  Seems I never really used it.  I just had everything forwarded from it to another account and sent from the other account so I actually rarely ever logged into it so they had a hard time verifying it was me since I had either forgotten my password to it or it got changed (Seems to me I remember a time when it was hacked), but who cares, cause, “I’m BACK!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Okay, where do I start?

Well, shoot, the last time I was able to post was January 4th 2010 and SOOOOOO much has happened since then, so I will just sum up:

Since I qualified for Boston at the Portland Marathon on 10/10/2010 I knew I needed to starting training for Boston in January which is what I started doing.  However, the 2nd week in January I decided to “catch up” my weekly mileage so I could run the local Ultra Marathon in March, so I made a stupid decision of running 7 days in a row.  So so stupid.  I’ve NEVER done that before so I’m not sure why I thought I could do it now at my young age of 57. So on my 7th day I was out running with the Team Blaze tri group and noticed my right knee was giving me a lot of pain.  It had been complaining a little here at there on earlier runs but I didn’t think too much of it.  But this time there was a LOT of pain so I finished my run by walking.  Later that day my knee continued to hurt and I iced it and took some ibuprofen, which didn’t really help.

Long story short, I got an MRI on both knees and it showed I had torn my meniscus on both knees.  I looked into deferring my Boston marathon (I had already signed up in November) but 2011 was the 1st year that they would not allow deferments.  Mainly because sooooo many people qualified for Boston and they were in the middle of changing all the rules.  So I went ahead and scheduled the flights, scheduled to have my Dad fly up from Florida and make it a big reunion in Connecticut as that’s where my brother lives.

So had the reunion, got two cortisone shots in both knees the Friday before the Monday Boston Marathon, and was able to run the 1st half at a reasonable pace, and then walked jogged the 2nd half.

It was not exactly the “Life Goal” result that I wanted, but having my Dad and wife there was certainly the high point.  I had always wanted to run the Boston officially (I ran it twice un-officially when we lived in Mass when I was younger), and now to FINALLY, 28 years later, get to run it officially was very satisfying.  (I’ll post some pictures at the end of this post)

So the 2nd part of that Boston trip was to visit my Brother and some great friends in Massachusetts.

We spent a few nights with my niece Jodi, her husband and two kids, and were treated so well.  Jodi has always felt like part of my family as she reminds me of our kids.  So funny, quick-witted, and just wacky in a good way!  I so much wished all of my kids could have visited with Jodi and her family as they would have clicked in all ways.  (Hopefully one of these days they will visit us out here in Spokane! Hint hint!)

After the marathon we stayed with a couple of good friends in western Massachusetts and relived some of our found memories with them.  We lived 10 years in Massachusetts and had all our kids there and basically grew up with these other families and watched as their kids grew up, so it was so cool to see their kids as young adults with kids of their own.

To sum up our visit with friends and family, I’ll just say it was probably one of the best and happiest times in our lives.  It’s just so sad we live so far apart!

Moving on….

So all that was at the beginning of the year and ending in the middle of April 2011.

May 20th, 2011 has changed the rest of the year for us.

The night before the 20th my wife and I had just finished packing the minivan where we were getting ready to visit our #2 daughter down in Pocatello, ID.  She was planning on moving up to the West Yellowstone area to work (She had done that the year before where she was part of a crew putting on show’s for all the tourist), so we thought we’d go visit and help her move.

The morning we were to leave we received a phone call around 4:30 from the chaplin at Sacred Heart hospital.  He told us Bethany had been in an accident and we needed to come right away.

God…I’ll never forget that feeling.

Even though I was sitting on the edge of my bed, I felt like the floor just dropped out beneath me.

It’s one of those phone calls you always pray you’ll never receive.

Sandy and I rushed down to the hospital praying the entire way.

The chaplin met us in emergency room and took us to a special waiting room.  And told us it was bad.  Very bad.  He said Bethany had been riding her bicycle and crashed and wasn’t wearing a helmet and sustained a head injury and was in a coma.  He said a Dr. Martz was the doctor on call and was working on her and would meet with us shortly to tell us more.  Again he said, it doesn’t look good.

Actually, I can’t really go on.  I don’t care to relive that moment so I’m going to put a link here that will take you over to the blog I setup that covers all of this and will bring you up to date on how Beth’s doing.

So start here:
And you can click on each day to follow the progress.  To see how she’s doing today, click here:

So, moving on.

So really there’s not a lot I can say in regards to “TriMoot” and what I’m planning for 2012 as our life has completely changed.  We were in our “Empty Nester” stage of life, and now everyone is back, except for Nate who is still in Seattle, and MARRIED!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can go over to their blog:
to learn more about them.

We had a great time at their wedding and will post some pictures and comments here later. (don’t want to make this any longer than it already is!)

So, what’s in store for TriMoot in 2012?  Not 100% sure.  I’m just now getting back into running.  I had knee surgery last month and yesterday was my 2nd run since the surgery to repair the torn meniscus in the right knee.  There is still a great deal of pain, even when I’m walking, as I also have arthritis, but I’m not going to let that stop me.  I’ll just learn to deal with it.

My 1st run was Monday and I ran it with my great friend and training partner, Steve “Ironman” Warrington! (Yes! He completed his 2nd attempt at Ironman.  The 1st attempt was stopped short due to getting hit by a car DURING THE RACE!!!!!!!!)

I will have to say, running agin felt sooooo good. (Actually I had run the Thursday before, although it was a run/walk, but it at least was a start).  But running with Steve helped things to start to shift back towards normal.  (Nothing has been normal since May 20th)

He meet me here at work and we jogged out towards the dam on Upriver drive, and it felt like the good old days except for the pain in my knee.  But as we continued along the pain seemed to subside and the good times began again.  Wow..It felt like it had been years since Steve and I had run side by side talking of races and plans.  So good.  We continued along and around 1.25 miles we turned around and headed back.  Steve mentioned that we were going along on a pretty good pace of 8:24 and I was very surprised as I haven’t done ANYTHING in soooo long.  It felt GREAT!  We continued along and I could feel we might be going a little fast as he was doing all the talking (which is pretty much the case…;-) ) but I didn’t want to slow down.  I wanted this moment to go on and on as it had been since January that I felt this way.  But finally I had to stop and walk but still turned in a great pace at the end.

I ran again on Wednesday alone, and my legs were still very sore from Monday but I ran very slowly and took breaks every so often.

It’s so good to be running again!

So what’s in store for me in 2012?  Think I’ll save that for another post as this one is already TOOOOOOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry folks.  I’ll post some pictures a little later.  We’re having our annual Christmas lunch her at work and I CAN”T miss that!

TriMoot…is back!!! WOOHOO!!! (Thanks WordPress!!)

Pictures: I know all these pictures look like I’m not really running, well, I really wasn’t able to due to the pain in my knees.  But I assure you I DID run the 1st half.  In fact, I just now figured out all my splits.  Look at it now, hey, for someone with two torn menicus and VERY little training (Most of it was done in the pool.  If you haven’t tried running in a’s not a lot of fun!)  Here’s the splits:

5k – 9:41
10k – 9:49
15k – 9:56
20k – 10:07 (starting to fade!)
Half – 10:41, 2 hous 12 minutes. When I qualified at Portland my half was 1:51:00, ugh
25k – 10:31, Hey, 2nd wind?
30k –  10:55, oh, guess not
35k – 11:21, oh ugh, really slowing down
40k – 12:09, okay fine, so I stopped at Starbucks for coffee, it’s only the Boston Marathon!
Finished at 5:30:21 with a overall pace of 12:35, yeah, I pretty much walked the last two miles. But, I enjoyed my coffee!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a link to a couple of videos of me while I was waiting at the athletes village in Hopkinton, MA.

1 – (Sitting down before run)

2 – (Walking through the village)


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