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Our Adventure REALLY Begins!

So today, 10/7/2020, felt like the REAL start of our “Florida or Bust” adventure.

For the past few days we have been in Marsing and Caldwell ID visiting family and it has been great… didn’t really feel like the start of our adventure.

Today we left Caldwell and headed south and stopped at Mt Home, ID where I lived for a few years while in the Air Force. What a hoot!

We drove all around and just looked at all the changes and found some of the things that haven’t changed, and it made me smile as many thoughts and memories came pouring in.

We drove through town and the 2 lane route underneath the railroad track has been widen to 4 lanes, and there were a couple more traffic lights.

We continued out to the small airport where memories came flooding back of learning how to parachute and jumping out of Cessna 142 and 170 airplanes, piloted by Dan Gable or Ricky Ryerson.

I ‘think’ the green building is where we learned to fold our parachutes, it’s the only original building left, but I could be wrong.

Probably the most fun was going to the Mountain Home Museum. There we found some wonderful curators and large amounts of history of the area dating back to the 40’s.

The BIGGEST find was going through a 3 ring binder from 1970’s when I was station there and low and behold we found a picture of someone we knew!

Jeanne Novich! We know her as Jeanne Rund! They were married in Stanley Lake, ID back in 1977 and are still together today!

It was so shocking to find someone we knew! I got goosebumps!

After leaving Mountain Home, we traveled down to Heyburn, ID where we found a very nice RV park which cost $26.00, which included power, water, & sewer.

I have to say that today was the one that made me feel like we’re REALLY DOING THIS!

We are FULL-TIMERS and we are heading to Florida for our 1st “Snow-Bird” experience. Sooooooooo exciting…..and a bit nervous.

But we feel God’s hand on our decision to do this and so we continue to move forward to see what God has in store for us.

Tomorrow we are heading towards Salt Lake, Ut and a small town called Mantua, Ut, north of Ogden. We have some friends there from our days in Pocatello and may stay there one night.

Then from there we will travel south, but exactly where to, we’re not 100% sure.

Our plan is to look at some RV’s on our way south to Florida and Arizona has quite a few possibilities as well as New Mexico and Texas.

So, perhaps tomorrow night we’ll sit down and figure out exactly where we’re going!!!


October 7, 2020 - Posted by | triathlete

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