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Starman and Tesla – 2/6/2018

**UPDATE! – To continue following where the Roadster is:
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Wow! What an amazing couple of days!

I heard about the launching of Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy space rocket a day or two before it was scheduled to launch but I had NO IDEA there was going to be a Tesla Roadster car on the front of it!



So I was all set to watch the launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida during my lunch and had my 3 screens all set.  I had one on the site so I could get the latest info on delays and updates, and another one a CBS camera that was set up near the launch area and showed the swaying palm trees and flying birds while the sun shone down on the launch site in the background.


However, the launch went from 10:30 AM to 12:45 PM and I had already made some lunch plans.  So I made sure I could see everything on my phone and headed over to my favorite lunch spot, Senor Froggy’s.


(Best place for a fast food Mexican treat and lots of ambience)

So as the countdown continued down, I went up to the order desk and told everyone there what was happening (I was actually surprised no one knew this was happening?  I mean this was HUGE!), they all gathered around my phone to watch the lift off of the LARGEST ROCKET in the WORLD!

Falcon Heavy Launch from Launch Pad 39A

Elon Musk had said in a statement before the launch that he wasn’t sure if it would even make it off the launching pad as there were so many things that could go wrong!

Each one of those rockets (there are three) had 9 gigantic engines firing off at the same time providing LOTS of thrust.  Can you imagine? 27 ENGINES ALL FIRING AT ONCE!


Remind me not to stand behind them when they go off!

So the entire time I’m standing at the counter showing everyone the lift off I’m thinking, “Okay…this is where it’s going to explode!”
I know that’s terrible, but even Elon was nervous about that very thing so why wouldn’t I be?!

But sure enough everything went as planned and about 3 minutes later the booster rockets broke off from the main rocket and headed back to Florida to land.


Can you imagine being there and watching these things land all on their own! Perfectly synchronized!  Just amazing!

Here’s a GIF of them landing


Meanwhile the main rocket along with the hidden Tesla insides its nose cone continued up into space.


You see the lower two pictures are just before the booster rockets are sperated from the main rocket.  The top two pictures shows the main rocket and the engine housing of the main rocket.

And finally once the main rocket was done pushing the rocket with the Tesla payload it seperated and returned to earth were it was supposed to land in the ocean on a floating platform.  A FLOATING PLATFORM? Are you kidding me?

Well this is not your Daddy’s floating platform, and the actual name is, “Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship”.  There’s just too much info on these things so I’m just going to provide a link where you can go read up on them yourself.  (Here)

But unfortunately, the main rocket was not able to return to the platform due to 2 of it’s 3 re-entry engines not firing.  So it crashed into the sea doing about 300 MPH.

But had it worked, it would have looked like this as they have already had some of these land on the floating platforms. (Just the 1st one)


But here’s where I love that Elon just didn’t add cement and steel inside the payload area to test out the rocket, he put his own personal Tesla Roadster inside so we, the public, could enjoy this for hours!

Starman in Space

Thank you Elon for providing an experience I will never forget!
This reminded me of the times when my Dad would take us outside to watch the space rockets fly by either in the day time or nighttime down in North Palm Beach, Florida.
Good times Dad.

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