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Goodbye Knee Pain!

Well today at 10:00 AM I will have surgery on my right knee, WOOHOO!

Since I don’t have a lot of time, I’ll just hit the highlights:

February 5th of this year I was on my bicycle on my way to work and was hit by a driver (a nice gal) and I went flying and landed on my tailbone.  Man that was painful!  Still hurts from time to time, but the real pain lasted about four or five months.

What was not obvious at first was my right knee.  My left knee had a sore area on it and I assumed it was hit by the car or my bike, but my right knee appeared to be okay at first.  Then as time went by I noticed I was not able to do the same things I used to do, even simple things like standing and doing dishes, and even at night my right knee would ache.

Long story short, after getting shuffled around to THREE doctors, I finally got the right guy and a questionable date, today, December 2nd.  What’s interesting about this date is my sister who is WAY WAY older than me, 😉 had her right knee done two years ago today…so strange.

Now if you want to know sort of what is entailed then check out this demonstration of what is planned for today: here

Now if you are REALLY brave, check out the actual procedure: here
Just be prepared, it’s VERY difficult to watch.  I had to do it in small increments throughout the day.

So I’m leaving in a few minutes to check in, and then at 10:00 AM the surgery will start.

I’ll hopefully check back in throughout the week and give updates.


PS: The reason it’s a questionable date is I JUST was offered a job (I’ve been out of work since the end of May) and they wanted me to start on the 7th, but I pushed it to the 9th.  However, the doctor said I’m nuts and to push it until 14th, but I’m not sure the new company would have gone for that, so I’m going to do my best to be ready on the 9th.  Prayer is welcomed.  Thanks!


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