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15 Minutes South of Spokane

Found a wonderful hiking place 15 minutes south of Spokane..who knew?

IMG_20130607_192716 IMG_20130607_192721 IMG_20130607_192733 IMG_20130607_194035 IMG_20130607_194040 IMG_20130607_194046 IMG_20130607_194055 IMG_20130607_194102 IMG_20130607_194130 IMG_20130607_194300 IMG_20130607_194306 IMG_20130607_194319 IMG_20130607_194323 IMG_20130607_194407 IMG_20130607_194448 IMG_20130607_194500 IMG_20130607_195229 IMG_20130607_195248 IMG_20130607_195253 IMG_20130607_195305 IMG_20130607_195327 IMG_20130607_195333 IMG_20130607_195435 IMG_20130607_195633 IMG_20130607_195647 IMG_20130607_195706 IMG_20130607_195730 IMG_20130607_200110 IMG_20130607_200118 IMG_20130607_200128 IMG_20130607_200158 IMG_20130607_201032 IMG_20130607_201045 IMG_20130607_201107 IMG_20130607_201115 IMG_20130607_201130 IMG_20130607_201153 IMG_20130607_201339 IMG_20130607_201501 IMG_20130607_201507 IMG_20130607_201516 IMG_20130607_201536 IMG_20130607_201539 IMG_20130607_201545 IMG_20130607_201550 IMG_20130607_201553 IMG_20130607_201606 IMG_20130607_201610 IMG_20130607_203544 IMG_20130607_203555 IMG_20130607_203622 IMG_20130607_203629 IMG_20130607_203634 IMG_20130607_203639 IMG_20130607_203754 IMG_20130607_203803 IMG_20130607_203809 IMG_20130607_203853 IMG_20130607_203926 IMG_20130607_204357 IMG_20130607_204413 IMG_20130607_204428 IMG_20130607_204511 IMG_20130607_205119 IMG_20130607_205620 IMG_20130607_205629 IMG_20130607_205637

Wondering where this is?

Hee hee hee..not going to tell you!


June 8, 2013 - Posted by | triathlete

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