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Arrh Arrh ArrImageh!  Now THIS is a manly post!

I actually worked from home today just so I could check out all the cool sights and sounds (and oh MAN was there sound!) of the construction work taking place on our street.

First I’ll post some of the pictures, then I’ll add links to the video’s that REALLY capture what it was like being next to these large construction vehicles as they went about destroying our street.

 So most of those were taken on Monday, but today, Tuesday is when the real work began.  Let’s take a look a couple of these video’s.  I apologize for the quality of them as I was watching what was going on rather than what was being captured in the camera.  And if I could find a free video editing software program I would try and clean them up, like take some of the jitter out perhaps edit out some of the audio….especially the places where I was making the sound…like this monster pieces of equipment need my help in impressive they are.

The reason I went out to look at what was going on was this amazing thudding sound that was coming through the floor of the house.  I knew it was the construction but I didn’t know what might be causing it…the video will show you.

Stay tuned for the video..I made it in Movie Maker and it’s taking FOREVER to ‘Plublish’ to Google.  The next two I might just copy up.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


March 12, 2013 - Posted by | triathlete

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