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Old News

Well, I’ve been going through and looking at some of my old post and noticed that I have a few videos and pictures that I’ve never posted.  Mainly because my TriMoot blog account was hacked and I couldn’t get into for a year.  So the following will be some random stuff that I haven’t posted in some time.  Sorry for the long delay.

Centennial Trail 37 mile Ultra Spokane …March 5, 2011

I wasn’t able to run this time due to issues with my knees so instead I decided to do some support along the route and capture some of with the camera.
I love this run and hope to someday do it again.  I’ve done it twice and the direction they’re running it in this video is the one you want to do if you ever think about doing it.  It is mostly downhill although at the end it’s very hilly UP HILL.

I captured the start and then left them after a 1 mile to go setup an aid station around the 12 mile mark.

This is just before the start: (here)

Here’s the link: (here)

Aid station at Mirabeau Park: (here)

Aid station at Mirabeau Park: (here)

Valentines Day 2011

Just a silly video of my wife and I walking along a trail in Palisades Park (N. Rimrock Dr) just west of Spokane.  It over looks Spokane and was part of one of my favorite running trails when starting from the Indian Canyon Golf course parking lot.  Besides being silly we were talking about our upcoming trip to Boston to do the Marathon.

Silly walk: (here)


Speaking of silly, here’s a video of my son doing a impromptu rap: (here)


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