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2010 In Review:

This was a challenging year for me:

My 1st Ironman
My 2nd Ultra Marathon
My fourth attempt at a podium spot at Tiger Tri
My 2nd attempt to qualify for Boston

I’m not sure why, but I’m not really in the mood to write anything…feel sort of depressed. (Could be this sinus infection I’ve had for way too long…could be the weather..don’t know)  Anywho..I’m just going to put up a few facts and perhaps I’ll redo it later:

My 1st Ironman:  A lot of training.  A lot of time.  I finished, but my training buddy didn’t.  Got hit by a car during the 1st bike loop. He’s okay and will be doing IM CDA 2011…but without me.  Bummer.

Don’t have a lot of thoughts about Ironman that I haven’t already written in my blog so here you go, click here to be taken to it. (Click here for a few pics)

My 2nd Ultra Marathon was a tough one.  I had told my training buddy it’s like an office party.  Just tool along enjoying the weather and people and bing! the 37 miles are done.  Not this time.  This was a tough 37 miles, partly because we did it in reverse: From 9 mile to Sate Line which makes it up hill all the way.  2011 should be all downhill and I’m looking forward to doing it again.  Last year I added 3 more miles so I had an even 40 miles, and part of me wants to bump it to 50 this year, but we’ll see. (Hmm, didn’t appear to have written anything about this one..too busy getting ready for IM.  Here’s a link to some pictures: Team Blaze turned out in a big way for this and even setup a tent at the end..right ON the trail!  Bikers had to duck to pass through it.)

Tiger Tri, Coleville, WA has always been one of my favorite races because it was my 1st triathlon ever.  So each year I go back and try and try to get better and it always seems I wind up in 4th place (at least 2 years in a row I did that), so this year I was determined to get on the podium, and I did.  Took 3rd place and was proud to do so.  Link to blog here.

Boston Qualifying: This year was my 2nd attempt at qualifying for Boston.  My race of choice was the Portland Marathon on 10/10/2010.  I didn’t really think I was trained up enough for this race as I had a foot injury and wasn’t able to run the last three weeks before the race.  Just did my usual training minus any running.  I did aqua running which was a 1st for me and although I never felt like I had accomplished much in the way of training, it must have been just enough to get me through as I made my qualifying time of 3:4506 (Had to get below 3:45:59)
Portland Race Report Part 1
Portland Race Report Part 2

Well, like I said, just don’t have the writing bug right now and feeling kinda blah, so I’ll just end it here.  Hopefully I’ll add stuff later.

2011 Schedule:
Not a bunch planned this year:

–          March 5th 2011: Centennial Trail Run 37 Mile Ultra Marathon

–          April 18th 2011: Boston Marathon

–          June 11th 2011: Boise Half Ironman

–           ????????????: My 1st 50 mile trail run (Haven’t figured this one out yet)

Hopefully more later.



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  1. Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I had my eye on the Centennial Trail Ultra but I’ll be out of town that weekend. Bummer. I’d like to do it one of these years.

    I’d vote for the White River 50 as your first trail 50. Beautiful (and tough) course! I’ve done that a couple times now and hope to make it back again this year. I think it’s usually the last Saturday in July.

    It would be great if you could sneak down the Pullman Winter 50k this month or next. It seems the blizzard conditions scared away a lot of people in Dec. 🙂

    Comment by Scott Keeps Running | January 5, 2011 | Reply

    • HA! I bet the blizzard scared a few people away. For some reason it appealed to me, although I might have changed my mind if I had actually been there and felt the wind and biting cold.
      Not sure I’m ready for a 50K just yet. March 5 is coming quick and I am way behind on my long runs, so I’ll have to pass for now.
      Yes, the White River 50 was on my list because it looks beautiful, however, it does look VERY challenging! I’m really going to need to beef up my hill running as most of my long stuff is on flat or rolling hills, not mountains!

      Comment by trimoot | January 13, 2011 | Reply

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