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3 Days and counting!

Wow.  It’s almost here.

Am I ready?  Wow..I hear that a lot from friends and family.

So am I ready?  I don’t know really.  How do you know? It’s not like I went out and did the entire Ironman to see if I could do it.  But I did do a LOT of training.  Could I have done more?  Sure.  I’m sure I could have REALLY pushed myself to swim and bike more, but …. I know my swim is what it is and won’t really improve until I get some one on one training.  So I concentrated on just being able to do the distance.  I’ve done over 2.4 miles a couple of times in the last month so I’m sure I can do the distance.  What I’m NOT sure of is can I handle the pushing, the shoving, the kicking, and the elbowing that goes on right at the start.  A little nervous about that.  One gal at our Team Blaze meeting last weekend had a black eye.  I asked her how she got it and she said someone kicked her at the Boise 70.3 event during the swim.  Yikes!  (Oh, by the way…she’s also doing Ironman this weekend!  Woh!)

The bike: Well, the bike is probably my weakest of the three disciplines.  Too bad since it’s also the longest!  But, I’ve ridden the hills many many times and am pretty familiar with them and while I’ll not be blazing up any of them I am able to bury my head and just slowly spin up  using my 3rd chain ring.  Yup..I’m a wimp.  I have a 3rd chain ring.  And I have to tell you I’m GLAD I have it.  I don’t use it a ton, but on the really steep sections of the bigger hills.  I think it’s the only way I’ll be able to have any legs left to do the run.

The run: Normally this is my strong suit, but jeepers….a MARATHON after doing 112 mile bike and 2.4 mile swim?  Let’s put this another way: A MARATHON after doing over 8 HOURS of biking and swimming?  Yikes!  THAT’s going to be a challenge!

So many people I talk with say, “Get ready for a looooonnnnnggggg day”.  Yeah, probably around 14.5 hours.

So why do I do it?  Well that’s a very good question.

I’m sort of still working on that answer.

It’s fun
It’s healthy
Keeps me out of trouble (HA!)

Enables me to be able to do….anything, or at least I ‘think’ I can
I just plain love it!

So, this Sunday @ 7:00 AM I’ll dip my toes into the Coeur d’Alene Lake to start, well, no, to finish a quest I started over 5 years ago:

To do an Ironman


Absolutely crazy

It feels so funny…this waiting….Sure I’m doing a little of this and a little of that, but pretty much the training is done.  And it feels so strange.  The calm before the storm?   Yeah, kind of.  There’s an inner calmness and peace I feel, and I’m so thankful that I have this opportunity to be able to do this.  To do this crazy thing.  Wow…this is going to be cool.



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  1. (Whoops, sorry if this posted twice)
    GOOOOOOOO PAUL!!! I will be out there cheering for you; look for me in my kayak on the swim course! Or…not, if you’re going to be busy dodging feet and elbows. Have a GREAT race and I can’t wait to hear about it when it’s over! (Unless Ironmen don’t associate with feeble little earthlings…ya know, duathletes and whatnot). Brreaaaak a leg, very figuratively speaking!

    Comment by Susie Q | June 23, 2010 | Reply

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