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CDA Ironman Update 3 – June 12, 2010

Hey Folks, another quick update on our progress towards our very 1st Ironman.

This was out last big workout, and as it turns out our last time to train together before the race on the 27th of this month.  So for me it was a nostalgic time as  I have put in a ton of hours training along side Steve.

It was a year ago that Steve, Jerome and I decided to sign up for Ironman CDA and although we said we knew what we were getting ourselfs into, honestly I don’t think we really knew.

Our training officially started on January 1st with a 5 mile run in CDA called the Hang Over Handicap.  It’s just a fun run but we wanted to start off the year with something relaxing and no pressure.  We followed that up with a plunge into lake Coeur d’Alene the very same day.  Oh was COLD!  But oddly enough, not that bad! 

We added a significant goal of an 37 mile ultra marathon in March just to help keep our mind off of all the training we had already done and were going to do.  And of course there is always Bloomsday which we both did very well at.  (We ran in different groups but came with 8 seconds of each others time!)

This weekend found us again at Sanders Beach in Coeur d’Alene, ID where we attempted to swim 2.2 miles.  This time the weather was fantastic!  Blue skies, clam, I mean FLAT water!  That’s a 1st!  There were many other swimmers at Sanders and it’s always fun to chat with them to see how they’re doing in their training.

We then moved to a park up in Hayden to do two 30 mile loops of the north end of the bike route.  These are where all the hills are and we’ve done this a number of times and it really has helped to really own that part of the course.  We know what to expect and how to enter and exit the hills and turns.  What a huge advantage we have from the folks who will show up a day or two before race day.

After the 60 miles of hills we then switched into our running shoes and took off for a 90 minute ‘brick’ run.  By this time it was getting pretty warm so we took it nice and easy and had a fantastic run.

I don’t know that we can say, “We’re ready”, but I will say we’ve put in a good effort and lots of miles in all three events so that we have a fair amount of confidence that we can actually pull this off.  BUT…we also understand that ANYTHING can happen on race day and that all our plans could go out the window if something goes wrong.  We’ve heard it said that you have plan A, plan B, and just keep going when it comes to race day since you never really know what’s going to happen.

We have learned a ton of lessons through the last 5 years of doing this sport and we hope that we can bring all of them to play come race day.

God has given us this season in our life to do this crazy adventure and blessed us with good training bud’s and support from our families.  This has enabled us to train and withstand the pressures of work and life and I have to say, I have enjoyed almost every minute of it!  There was one morning during the training for the ultra that I sat on the edge of my bed at 5:00 am and verbal said, “I don’t think I can do this”.  (This happened to be a back to back 18 miler where we had run 18 miles on Saturday and needed to run another 18 on Sunday)  But knowing that Steve would be waiting there it wasn’t like I could back out.

So yeah, thank you Steve for being such a great training partner.  This would have been an almost impossible task if I had to do all this training on my own. 

ALso want to say thanks to Team Blaze.  They are a local triathlon club here in Spokane that Steve and I joined and they have been awesome in support and training tips.  Everyone on this team are amazing people and athletes and never have I encountered someone with an ego.  They give freely of their time and talent for anyone who wants to learn.  In particular, coach Scott and his wife Tristan truly promote and exemplify the Triathlon life style.  Freely sharing there lives and home with all levels of triathletes.  Thanks for doing such a great job!

Well, here is, Sunday at 11:00 AM and all I was going to do was just post a brief update and some pictures and perhaps video’s of our last day of training, and now I’m starting to get teary eyed thinking that it’s almost over.  Gosh…there’s just so many wonderful memories of training days: Cold morning runs, where you can see each breath.  Cold rides….brrrrr, but what fun!  And extremely cold swims!!  (Seeing a pattern here?)

So anyway, I’ll be all misty another time, one with the pics!

Just some from yesterday’s training: (Man I WISH I had taken more knowing it was out last group training…errrr!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Links to Videos: (coming..they uploading to youtube right hopefully after Sandy & my bike ride I’ll post them)
Short clip start of bike:


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