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June 10, 2008 – Two Years Later

Matilda “Mattie” Mooter

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Mom passed away June 11th, 2008 at 12:55 PM in her home in Melbourne, FL.  My Dad was with her when she passed.

Just felt like I should post something about Mom even though it’s been two years since she died of cancer.

Sure do miss her.  I think of her quite often and sometimes during the strangest times.

The other day I was out training for an event I have coming up and I had been on my bike for a few hours and my mind was kind of wandering all over the place.  All of a sudden I was recalling a time when just Mom & I were home.  I was young, too young to be in school, and we were deciding what to have for lunch.  I don’t recall why, but we only had one chair, and so we both sat in one of those beach chairs with all the webbing in them.  It was so cozy.  Just Mom & me.  Sitting together drinking chocolate milk.

Another time, well many times, I would set up Mom’s hand lotions bottles, I thought they were called witch hazel that she bought from the Fuller Brush guy.  The lotion was blue and so was the bottle, and it was the perfect shape for setting up and knocking down with a small hard ball.  I had my own bowling alley.  And even though I know the noise must have bothered her, she left me play for what seemed like hours.  Or at least until the show, “As the World Turns” came on, and then we would both sit down and watch it.  HA!  What a time!  I’m sure I never understood what was going on, but we’d sit on the couch together and watch it together.  Life was pretty simple and pleasurable.

I have a lot of stories about Mom, only those in my immediate family would relate, so I’ll not post them here.  Maybe in a letter just to my siblings.

I remember one last story: It was November 17, 1978.  Mom had flown out from Massachusetts to join Sandy & I in our wedding.  I had so many emotions going on.  I was nervous.  I wanted Sandy to come with me to get to know my Mom a little before we got married, but she wanted one more night alone with her friends as a “single” gal. (don’t blamer her…I mean gosh!  31 years with the same guy?  UGH!)

So I drove Mom around Boise and showed her a few places.  I finally stopped at BSU (Boise Statue Univ) where I knew there was a piano.  So I sat down on the bench, and Mom found a comfortable chair and scooted it next to me, and I played and played and played.  She just sat there and never interrupted me, just let me express myself by banging away on the grand piano.  It was just what I needed.  A way to work through some of the emotions.  And  loved the fact that Mom just sat there and enjoyed the music (or she was a good actor).  Just like her coming to all my ball games when I was kid. 

Well, I could go on, but I guess I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on some of the great times I remember with my Mom.

I love you Mom, and I miss you, and always will.

It’s difficult to put into words a life time of memories about my Mom.  For me, I have a million images that have been burnt into my memory.  If I was an artist I would paint a “Life Scape” of warmth, patience’s, commitment, understanding, humor & Love that would span 53 years and many many canvases.

I love you Mom, and will miss you forever.

PS: Dad says Mom filled up the lake:

Dad says Mom filled the lake.
Dad says Mom filled the lake.

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