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CDA IM Training Update 2 – 6/3/2010

Hello again!

Reporting back on our half Ironman from last weekend (5/29).

Well, I’d like to say the weather was a balmy 70 with a light winds from the south..but nothing could be further from the truth.  The truth?  WE COULDN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!  Okay..that was random, sorry.

Anywho, the weather was TERRBILE and wonderful all at the same time.  We arrived at 6:30 AM at Sanders beach in Coeur d’Alene along with 4 other members from Team Blaze.  On the way there Steve noticed the flag in front of the resort was flapping out straight as could be from the SSW direction, “That can’t be good” we thought.  When we pulled up everyone got out and we met at Jeff’s truck and stood around shivering in the cold wet wind as it was raining and blowing about 25 mph and there were white caps out on the lake.

“Really…we’re going to SWIM in that?”  I’m sure everyone was thinking that.  One guy walked up and introduce himself as being the one who would watch over us while we were in the water via his Kayak.  He said, “Sorry guys, this is just too rough for me.  I’ll watch you from the beach instead”.  Inside I was like, “YES!  I’m CERTAIN we’re NOT going to swim in this mess”.  Finally Jeff who had been rummaging around in the back of the truck this whole time finally turned around and said, “What are you doing standing around here, go get dressed, we’re doing this swim!”.  Dang!  So we slowly slunk off and gathered out stuff and headed to the boat dock where there were some changing rooms.  (Jeff had a key..good thing!).

We gathered around the water as Jeff changed the half Ironman swim distance from 1.2 miles to about 1100 meters due to the roughness of the water.  It was hard to hear Jeff from the wind and the waves smashing on the shore.  Once all the directions were issued he waded out into deeper water, pulled his wetsuit away from his neck and plunged under the water!  WHAT?!  When he came up I yelled, “WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!”  He yelled back, “Beeeecccccaaaauuussseeee  tttthhheeee wwaaatteerrr wwwilll wwwwarm upppp quicccccckkkkkerr!”.  “You’re nuts I said”. (He didn’t hear me).  NO WAY was I going to do that!

I started yelling and hollering and WOOHOOing trying to get my adrenal glands to start working, and finally plunged in after him.  I was sort of waiting for the shock of the 51 degree water to kick in but it never happened.  My hands and feet were already numb so I didn’t feel anything there, and since I had purchased a neoprene swim cap and put my silicone cap on top of that, my head and chin were fine.  I WASN’T COLD!  AMAZING!  Me!  The Florida boy WASN’T COLD!  I couldn’t believe it!  I was whooping and hollering underneath the water at the fact, I. WASN’T. COLD!

Well all that excitement had to take a back seat as the reality of the situation finally hit….broadside up against my head in the form of  BIG stinking WAVE!  “Oh my gosh?  Am I in the ocean here?  Where the heck did that come from?”  Each time I rolled on my left side to breathe from the right, a wave was there to greet me and instead of oxygen I received a mouth full of water for my effort.  Well, I could only do that so many times and finally I rolled to my right side and gasped for air from my left, WHEW!  Finally!  Wow, so this is what the athletes had to deal with the last two or three years in Ironman!

I finally was able to settle down and get into the swing of things and started to breathe alternately from both sides, but I still had to deal with the waves interrupting my stroke.  HA!  My stroke..what a joke!  Forget everything you learned in a pool!  It really wasn’t a stroke at all, more like a lunge…breathe, half a stroke, pop the head up to see where I was going, Shoot!, heading out to sea again, adjust, adjust!, okay now breathe, look out, INCOMING!  WACK!  HA! What a joke!  This is hardly called swimming, perhaps surviving would be a better fit.

But eventually I was able to figure it out and actually got into a rhythm and occasionally made head way and the next thing I knew it was time to turn around.  Now the waves were hitting on my left side so I was able to breathe 100% from the right side.  Much better.  It even felt like there was a current as it seemed like I was flying back to the starting point.

I was soooo excited when I finally finished and exited the water….I STILL WAS NOT COLD!  I just couldn’t believe it!  I was soooo dreading going into this freezing cold lake and to be able to stay in for 35 minutes with no problem was huge!

This excitement lasted the rest of the day.  We did our 56 miles of the IM loop and then changed into our running shoes and ran our half marathon of 13.1 miles.  It was still raining but the wind had died down considerably and the lake while not as smooth as glass had certainly calmed down and looked inviting.
We both had a terrific run and felt that this day was such a confidence builder in so many ways.  For me, the biggest being that the lake temp was not going to bother me at all!  For Steve, I think he was thrilled with how he came off the bike.  Normally he struggles getting into a running rhythm right off the bike, but this time he was conservative on the bike and was able to hit an 8:30 pace right off the bat.

We capped the day off with a mocha from the Dutch Bro’s as we chatted about our accomplishments on the way home.  Oh, and we were done by 2:46.  Probably one of the earlier finishes for our weekend workouts!

So what’s in store for this weekend?(6/5)  A 2.2 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 50 minute run.  WHEW!  This will be our biggest weekend yet, and thank goodness, our LAST big weekend.  After this…it’s taper taper taper!  YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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