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Missed it by that much!

Well, my name wasn’t on the list for the Kona lottery, but it’s kind of good news vs. bad news.

The bad news is…I don’t get to go.

The good news is…I don’t have to take out a loan to AFFORD to go!

Sigh…oh well.  I’ll not stop hoping and training and come October 1st, I’ll sign up again for the lottery. 

But congrats to the Washington winners:

Brian Dillon from Issaquah, WA.
Michael Church, Silverdale, WA. 
(BTW: Michael I saw your phone number on the Internet and sent you a text message..hope you don’t mind.  Just wanted to wish you well)
I wish you the best and if you for some reason can’t make it…ah…I could change my name for a day or two… 😉

Well…… back to focusing on MY Ironman right here in good old Coeur d’Alene, ID.   June 27 th is coming up fast (72 days!) and I am just now getting over a terrible flue bug that has kept me from working out for about 3 weeks.  UGH.  I feel like I’m starting all over again.

Okay..I’m over it…..really…no hard feelings….well, may a little, but really I’ll be fine….sigh….next year.



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