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Kona Lottery – Tomorrow 4/15/2010 @ 9:00 AM!

Well back in October of 2009 I paid my $40.00 to be put into the Lottery for a slot for Kona.  Huh?  What am I talking about?

Well, each year Ironman opens a lottery system for folks to have a chance to grab a slot in the World Championship Ironman held in Kona, Hawaii.  There are two chances to win:
    1: There will be 150 lottery slots available to the U.S. applicants.  100 names will be drawn from the Passport Club.  It cost $50 to enter.
    2: 50 names will be drawn from the U.S applicants and any unselected Passport Club members.  This cost $40 to enter.

  So, I am a pretty positive person and I figure if God wants me to go, then I’ll only have to enter the cheaper of the two entries, so I paid my $40 and will find out tomorrow at 9:00 AM.

  Am I nervous?  Well a little.  I mean my chances are as good as anyone who’s entered, plus I have God on my side, right?  Well, we’ll see.  Actually, if I do win, I probably won’t even have to post it here, because I’ll be soooooooo happy EVERYONE will hear me scream!

  So, how would this work?  Well for me….perfectly!  I’m doing Ironman CDA (Coeur d’Alene) this June and If I do get the lottery slot, then I would have July to recover, and August and September to get trained back up for the BIG race in October in Kona! 

  Oh MAN that would be cool!  Can you imagine? 

  Last February my wife and I traveled to Kona to visit our two daughters who were living over there and one of the things I just HAD to do was run on Alii drive AND to swim where the athletes swim right there in Kona.

  Well guess what?  They actually had buoy’s setup for another race they were doing and so I was able to go out and swim a short part of the Ironman route.  Amazing!  It’s so clear  you can see all the way to the bottom.  Talk about being distracted?  I hated even having to breathe it was so pretty!  Every time I put my head down there were fish and coral and all sorts of things to distract me from the fact that I really wasn’t all that trained up for swimming at that time.  I mean come on, it was February!

  But it was cool.  I was swimming with the gal my daughter was working for and SHE was an excellent swimmer and had to wait a bit for me to catch up when we got to the turn around point.  But it was so cool!  We stopped, popped up out of the water and were just bobbing there in the surf looking around and talking and man oh man I was taking it all in!  I could see all the hotels and shops along Alii drive and when we started to head back, each time I took a breath I could see the shore and pictured myself riding and running along side the water during Ironman.  Oh what a dreamer I am.

  Well as we’re cruising back to the start and my mind was filled with thoughts of winning Ironman (HA!) all of a sudden BOOM!  Something hits me square in the mouth and my lips instantly swells up!  I’m like, WHAT? 

  I pop up out of the water and look around, and there another swimmer is holding his forehead and looking just as surprised as I was!  HA!  What a hoot!  We’re out here in the middle of the Pacific swimming around and we actually ran into each other!! What an amazing joke!  We made our apologies and made sure neither of was hurt and then continued on with our swim.

  So…tomorrow I find out if I got in.  I’ve got all 10 toes and 9 1/2 fingers crossed (Wood splitting accident) and lots and lots of prayers going up.

TriMoot….waiting on pins and needles!


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  1. Praying for you Dad! Those were some good times in Hawaii!

    Comment by Cassie | April 14, 2010 | Reply

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