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Training Bud’s

It’s been a while since I’ve written but it’s not like I haven’t been doing or writing other things.  Just to prove my point, I’m going to include a string of emails between me and my two training buddies who are getting ready for Ironman CDA this June.

I have to warn you…it might turn your stomach.

So, a little setup:  I’ve been sick all this week, typical flue or cold, not sure which and today I FINALLY started to feel a little better.

So here goes:

From TriMoot:
Well boys..I’ve been a little under the weather this week and have done absolutely nothing.
Today is the 1st day that I don’t feel like just shooting myself and calling it quits.
This cold/flue, or whatever it is had me really down.  I’ve missed about 2.5 days of work, and probably should not have been here at all this week as I was hacking and coughing and making everyone else sick.  I’m weak as a kitten, I’m down to my racing weight of 163 but believe me, it’s not a HEALTHY weight loss. 
I still have a bad cough, splitting headache and coughing up green stuff, but I can tell I feel better today.
I’m even thinking about a light spin at lunch today.
As far as this weekend…I think I’m going to do everything indoors.  IF I run, it’ll be indoors, IF I spin, it’ll be indoors.  I’m not sure if I’ll swim, cause I don’t know that I should be in water just yet.  (Still have sinus infection)
I do think I want to sit in the steam room and hope that it helps break up the cough that’s in my chest now.
To stay sane I’ve been watching a lot of IM video.  Some from CDA and many from Kona.
It’s so funny because now that I’ve been on the CDA bike course those pictures of the hills don’t scare me.  It’s almost like a good feeling when I see them, like, “hey!  Those are my hills!  I know them!”.  I don’t “own” them….yet, but how fortunate we are that we can train on the actually course time and time again.  Think of all the out of state folks who have no idea what the course looks like, and may not even get a chance to drive it once.  And believe me, driving it is no substitute for riding it.  We are truly blessed.
Well, probably won’t get to see you guys this weekend as I’ll probably be keeping low and trying to get my strength back.  But if you do go out, be careful, I understand it’s supposed to be pretty windy.
PS: 85 more days.

From Steve-O:
I know that flu/cold you’re talking about, have been there and done that one, its a hard one to kick, it steals any energy you have, weak like a kitten describes it well. Just keep resting up and get lots of sleep.

Jerome and i both decided indoors was in line for tomorrow as well, since it’s going to be so wildly wet and cold.

I need to get on the IM bike course though; i still have no idea what it is or is like.

brought my running gear today but just don’t want to be outside, and I haven’t done much this week either, I’m still trying to heal up the top of that right foot, it still hurts every time i run afterword’s but is slowing getting less and less, it actually held up good on Sundays 13 miles, i wrapped it up for extra cushion and kept my laces very loose so there would be no pressure on the top of it and that seemed to help considerably.

Try to have a good Easter,



From Jerome:
Thanks for the update, Paul. Hope you feel better soon. I can’t remember for sure, but I think that the green phlegm is better than brown. I think when it’s brown; it’s like a bronchitis infection. Gross.

From Steve:
HEY trying to eat here!!

From TriMoot:
Jerry, could you go into more detail on how brown the brown phlegm like mucus stuff looks like?  I think this would really help in curbing Steve’s eating habits.

From Jerome:
My favorite hack-ups are when I have a sore throat, and as I start to get better, I’ll hack up a huge quarter-size ball—and there’s a little blood in it. I almost want to save those, they’re so impressive.

How’s that, Steve-O?

From TriMoot:
 I think that’ll do it!

From Steve:
Having a craving for split pea soup with diced tomatoes in it.

From TriMoot:
Now you’re making ME sick!  I hate split pea soup!

From Steve:
Ha I win! Yahoo

And there you have it.  A typical string of emails between my training buddies.

I’m sorry I had to put you through all this, but it does help explain some of my other post.



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  1. Paulie, I hope you are soon back to your irreverent self. I rode the IM CDA course last week. When you guys decide to head out and ride it again I hope you will post on the forum – I would enjoy riding with you.

    IM CDA is coming on strong and quickly!

    Comment by Spokane Al | April 3, 2010 | Reply

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