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Titanium Man 2009 Predictions

Once again it’s time to head down to Pasco, WA, the Tri-City area here in Washington state to the annual Titanium Man Olympic triathlon held on September 5th.
This is a fun well run tri that allows all of us to have the fastest 1500 meter swim ever, since it’s in the Columbia river and we swim downstream, and I want to tell you, we FLY!  I always feel like superman when I swim here as you can see the rocks flying by on the bottom.
Here’s my stats from last year:
Finish Time:   02:36:44
Swim Time:    00:19:32 – 1:19 minutes per 100 meters (Now that’s FAST!  But not because I’m fast)
T1 Time:          00:03:59
Bike Time:      01:22:49 – 18 MPH..well, that’s okay for me..I’m just not a strong biker.
T2 Time:         00:01:15
Run Time:      00:49:07 – 7:54 pace.  Well, that might be hard to beat this year.  Hmmmm.

So here’s my prediction for this years race:

But before I put them all down on to speak, let’s chat a bit.

To be honest, I “should” be able to do a little faster swim as even last year I had a problem getting into the fast current.  This year I will really focus on watching the starter and as soon as he wades out into the water I’m going to swim out to where most all the swimmers start, which is NOT an easy task!  Why?  Because the current is soooooo stinking strong!  I remember having to swim against the current while waiting for the start and I became so tired I had to swim over to the side, only to have someone tell me, “Hey, they just fired the starting gun, GO! GO! GO!”.  Yikes, I hadn’t even caught my breath and I had to turn around and head out to try and catch everyone which I never did.  So this year I’ll try and manage this better.

T1: Yeah, I should be able to make this quicker as I was kidding around with Steve and not really rushing too much.  This year, I’ll be ALL business.

Ride: Well, you know, Steve’s not going to be here this year and the ONLY reason I had a pretty good ride was I had the threat of Steve passing me (which he did!) and so I really hammered.  (Keep in mind “hammering” for me is like a walk in the park for most people!)  So this year I won’t have that “incentive” pushing me harder.  Plus I really want to try and ride within my abilities so that when I get to the run I’ll have enough left to do a run I know I’m capable of.  Now, one more thing that could come into play is I’ve been working hard on my bike by riding with a bunch of “hammer heads” on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  (I use hammer heads in the most positive sense: Meaning they really push hard on the bike and are kind enough to wait for me at the top of most hills.  They’re a great group!)  So, I’m hoping that all these hard rides will help with my overall bike time.  Also (I know I said “one more thing” earlier, but so what!) there’s a small group of us that have been doing mock triathlons for the last 7 weeks and they have gotten longer and harder each week.  I honestly don’t know if it’s helping or not, but it sure is a lot of fun, but hopefully all the swimming and biking and running for the last 7 weekends will add up to some improved fitness and endurance.  (This week: Swim for 1:30:00, Bike 54 miles, run 8 or 10 miles)

T2:  I don’t think I can improve much on this, perhaps a little, but I was pretty quick last year as I was trying to catch Steve!

Run:  Hmmm, I average an 7:54 pace and to be honest…I don’t think I can improve on that.  This year my emphasis has been on long distance stuff, with very little track or speed work, so getting below a 7:54 pace…yikes..that will be tough.  And once again, since Steve won’t be there, I don’t have anyone to chase!  DANG IT STEVE!!!

So now,  here’s my predictions:
Finish time:    02:35:40  Yeah, I now, it’s only a minute faster, but hey!  I’m not getting any younger!
Swim Time:    00:18:52  Yeah, this is where I HOPE to make up the time.
T1 Time:         00:02:47  I have a new wet suit and I’m thinking it’s going to take a little longer to get out of.
Bike Time:     01:25:00   Yup…a SLOWER bike time this year.  I really pushed knowing Steve was behind me.
T2 Time:        00:01:15    Nope, no improvement here, that’s already pretty fast.
Run Time:     00:49:00  That’s a 7:52 pace..I’m okay with that!

I will update this when I complete it on September 5th.

TriMoot Out!


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  1. Very cool, Paul. I like how you broke everything down. Good luck. I know Steve won’t be there and you like to use him as motivation in a friendly competition, so how about this:

    Set a PR and a tough time to beat. You know he’s going to take a mental note of your time and hope to beat it in coming years.

    Comment by Jerry | August 31, 2009 | Reply

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