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WTS #7 – 8/22/2009

Hey hey!  Just another in the continuing saga of the “Warrington Tri Series” Triathlons!

Today, August 22nd found us, Jerry & Dawn and myself at Fish Lake for another mock triathlon.  Today’s distance was close to a  “SprOly” (A sprint and Olympic distance combined).  In fact it was more.

I swam for about one hour and 9 minutes or so but Jerry and his wife Dawn continued on for 1 hour and 15 or 20 minutes (I was hiding the truck trying to get warm!)

The day was MUCH warmer than last week end, where we experienced a 43 degree morning with mist on the water.  Today was probably close to 50 or more so it almost felt balmy.  We did two laps back and forth across the lake and then Jerry did a little more by going back to find Dawn.  (There was some question as to the actually location of Dawn and the buoy’s, but we won’t go into that here! (Heehee, inside joke!)

After a quick change (HA!) we head out for a 40 mile ride.  The weather was actually perfect, probably close to 58 or warmer.  We did two loops of 20+ miles and the 1st loops was nice and easy, didn’t rush anything.  We knew we had another 20 mile loop plus a 10 mile run afterwards so we wanted to make sure we had plenty in the bank for the run.  The second loop, everyone was on there own so they could do their own pace.

I believe at the 17 mile mark during the 1st loop the time was 1:17:00 which was a pace around 14 MPH.  See, nothing too fast, we were just tooling along enjoying the weather (and saving our strength).  The 2nd loop for me was at 2: 24:?? (something like that..I’d have to get up and go get my Garmin in the other room, and frankly….that’s just too far!) for a pace of 15 MPH, so as you can see we didn’t really push too hard, and I’m glad we didn’t.

Once I got to the start point, my wife showed up and was just getting ready to head out for her bike ride, so I did a quick change and we started off together.  My plan was to go really easy, say around a 9:00 to 9:15 pace to let my legs get used to running, and that’s pretty much what happened.  Did that for about 3 miles and then at the 5 mile turn around I went ahead and started running an 8:30ish pace but since it was down hill for a lot of it I kept dipping down to around 8:00 and some sub 8 minute miles so I would have to keep pulling it back.  Finally once I settled down on the flats I ran pretty evenly at 8:30’s which is just where I wanted to be.  With about two miles to go I kicked it up a notch (well actually I was listening to some music and I found myself running to the beat of the music and the next thing I know I’m doing a 7:30 pace, YIKES!  So backed it down to 8:30ish and cruised in to the finish for a 8:43 pace over all.  My wife pretty much finished her bike just before I crossed the finish line so we both headed down to the lake to cool off.  It was “GLORIOUS!”

I’m not sure what the times were for Jerry & Dawn but I know they did really well.  They have made huge improvments since they 1st started and…..should I say it here?  (Shhhh, don’t tell anyone……)  Dawn is “thinking” about doing the Black Diamond HALF IRONMAN this SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!  And why not?  Her goal?  Just to finish.  She’s not worried about time, she just wants so see if she can balance her swim and bike enough so she has enough to finish a 13.1 mile run after putting in a 1.2 mile swim (which I believe she did today) and a 56 mile bike (She did 40 today) and  the run (which she did 10 today!)  So that’s pretty cool.  BUT…I’m not sure if she’s 100% committed yet, and I think Jerry is nervous about her doing such a long event.  (Stay tuned!)

Some of the things I’ve been reading about and listening to are about “Executing your Plan”.  Meaning, if you know it takes you x amount of time to do the swim, the bike, the run, then do it.  Don’t go beyond what you know you CAN do.  So many times in Tri’s or any event, we get caught up in the moment and find that we are cruising along during the first few miles and realize we’re going WAY over our normal pace but because we “Feel” good at the moment, we just keep going.  Pretty soon, we realize that no, I don’t normally run a 7:30 pace or 9:30 pace or whatever it is for you and we wind up running out of gas and having a lousy event and feeling really really bummed.

So during these WTS’s I have purposely been holding back on the bike, keeping my pace and heart rate down and I’m finding the time difference between a 17 MPH and an 18 MPH is not THAT big of a difference. (11 minutes in a 56 mile bike) but if you’ve got nothing left at the end of the bike because you went “Out side your Box..or pace” then it can mean you’re walking most of your half marathon because you have NOTHING left in your legs.  (Yes, I’m speaking from experience!)

So, I’m drinking the “Endurance Nation” cool aid and not only will I have a good race but I should (WILL!) feel good at the end.  Check out some of their free resources:

Okay, enough.

Here’s some pictures from today: (Here)
And here’s a view videos:  Before the Swim: On the Bike: Peanut Butter and Honey


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  1. I am glad to hear you are a member of EN. I joined earlier this year and am enjoying (kind of) the harder workouts.

    See you on the roads buddy!

    Comment by Spokane Al | August 23, 2009 | Reply

  2. […]                 Suffice to say that this was a highlight in my training for the entire year and although I had doubts that this was the ‘best’ way to train, it certainly was the most enjoyable, even the 43 degree morning with fog on the lake…absolutely the best!               You can read more about these: Here and Here […]

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