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WTS Continues! 8-15-2009

Yes, another one in the on going WTS, Warrington Tri Series Triathlons!

Today, Saturday August 15th, finds us at Fish Lake in beauuuutiful Eastern Washington at 6:30 (okay okay, it was 6:43 and I was late!) in the morning.  And the lake was awesome!  There was a beautiful mist covering the entire lake and the sun coming up over the eastern sky make it look magnificent.  It was soooo cool (VERY COOL!  More on that later) swimming along and looking over at Jerry and you could barely see him with all the mist.  I sooo wished I had had a camera in the water with me.  I’m hoping next week I will as it is certainly worth the risk.  Just have to figure out a way to carry it without dropping it and without it chaffing me anywhere.  Ideas?

So, did I mention it was 6:43 in the morning?  AND 43 degrees!  YIKES!  Man oh man, I was shaking like a leaf and that was before I even got into my wet suit!  I kept complaining to Jerry about starting this thing a little later but he reassured me the water was warm.

So off we went to start our swim and sure enough as soon as I put my toe in I realized Jerry was right, it was warm.  Amazingly warm!  So once we were ready we started off in the misty mist.  I have to say, today was one of those days where everything felt super!  I MEAN SUPER!  The water was warm and completely flat and the mist felt like a cool blanket covering everything.  The sun was up and once we got out towards the middle where the sun was shinning on the water it felt so good that I didn’t even bother sighting.  I just kept swimming and swimming and enjoying the freedom of the lake.  No turns, no walls, no lane markers, no one to bump into it was so easy to get into a rhythm. The next thing I know I’m seeing weeds on the bottom and I look up and I’m clear over on the side where the island is.  So I finally started sighting every so often so I wouldn’t zig zap all over the place.  Long story short, I spent about an hour in the water and it was only the last few minutes when I started to get cold and got the chills and shakes.

Got out of the water and a few minutes later Jerry and then Dawn showed up and Jerry had a time of 1:09:00 for the swim.  Not bad.  Probably close to 1.2 to 1.4 miles if I had to guess.  A very nice swim.  Of course by that time the mist was gone and it had warmed up to 45 degrees.  Whew..I was almost sweating….HA!  Actually I was shaking like a leaf and even once we got to the car I continued to shake until I finally got dressed in my jersey and riding jacket.  Here’s a short video from Dawn’s perspective: WTS #6 – T1

So off we went on our bike ride that was done at a very modest pace, and unfortunately I don’t have any spec’s on it as my Garmin stopped working for some reason, but according to Jerry’s bike computer we did 31.5 miles, but I don’t know the time.  (Jerry, can you check your computer?)  What was good about the bike was we decided to introduce Dawn to drafting on the bike and she loved it!  She’s actually going to start a campaign to change the rules at all Ironman’s to allow drafting!  Oh yeah baby! THAT would be great!

Once we completed the bike it was time for the 8 mile run and what a perfect temperature it was for that.  It probably was about 65 or 68, somewhere in there and the sun was shinning and the bike path was in use by a number of families all out having a great day.

We all started out at our own pace and pretty soon I was in a grove and just zooming along (well, it was zooming to me) at an 8:30ish pace.  I was listening to one of my favorite podcast from the “The Age Grouper” called “Ace Your Race” and you can download it here.  Pretty soon I was at the turnaround point and as I started back, low and behold, JERRY!  He was right behind me!  WOW!  This guy has been improving each time we do one of these mock triathlons.  I gave him a high five on the way by and he looked great!  Didn’t even look like he was working hard.

Just a little further down I saw another red shirt, and sure enough it was Dawn! (Yes, Jerry and Dawn ALWAYS dress alike. You should see Jerry in a formal gown…beautiful!)  So as Dawn went by I high fived her and continued plodding along.  Pretty soon Fish Lake was in view and that meant I had about a mile to go so I florid it and zoomed to the finish in 1:08:00 for a 8:31 pace.  I was very happy with that pace since my legs were pretty sore from some of the hard rides and squats and lunges I did earlier in the week.

So over all, it was a good day, not a hard one, we really didn’t push the bike pace too much, but I’m sure that’s why I had so much leg left, which is a very good thing to remember.  Stay within your pace on the bike and it will pay BIG dividends on the run!

Here’s a wrap up video report: (Here)

Also, don’t forget you can listen to my podcast over on the right or click here to listen to a quick pre-race report: (here)
And quick audio wrap-up mp3: (here)

We missed you Steve-o!  Have fun!

TriMoot, Out!
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  1. Very cool! Now when we will see you racing a real triathlon?

    Comment by Spokane Al | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. Black Diamond Half in September. You certainly have done enough this season, great job on Troika & CDA!

    Comment by trimoot | August 15, 2009 | Reply

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