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Whew…it’s getting closer.  

What is?  

Whtaya mean “What is?”

I mean, what’s getting closer?

What?  Have you not been reading this blog?

Oh, THAT “What is”.

Yes, my 1st attempt at qualifying for Boston.

Are you ready?

Shez, I don’t know.

Whataya mean you don’t know?

I mean I don’t really know!  I’ve put in a lot of miles.  I’ve done a fair amount of speed work.

So you should be ready.

Well, I just don’t feel ready.

Well how do you think you’re supposed to feel?

I don’t know.  I guess I think I should feel, like, way confident.  You know, like nuthing is going to stop me from running 3:45:00, I mean NUTHIN!

You know you’re spelling nothing wrong, right?

Yeah I know, I was just trying to be cool and make a point.  I’ll stop it.

Good, you sound stupid.

Okay okay, point taken.  But back to what I was talking about:  Yeah, I just don’t know how I’m feeling.  My last long run felt terrible, but I was a little sick so maybe that doesn’t count.  
I had a good run at Bloomsday, but heck, that’s only 7.5 miles.

Yeah, but last year you did the Coeur d’Alene half marathon in a 7:32 pace for a time of 1:38:44 seconds, so lets see,  if you double that you should be able to do this marathon in a 3:18:00 or so.

Yeah right.  That was LAST year AND 26 miles is WAY more than 13.  I don’t know.
I just know my long runs have been done at a 9:30 to 10:00 min per mile pace using the Jeff Galloway method of running, and while it DOES make a ton of sense in that I don’t tear up my legs running all those miles on the weekend, I’m just nervous that I don’t have enough speed work in to make up the difference of running at that slow pace.

Well, all you can do it try.

Yeah, I guess that’s what this marathon is really all about.  Just a touching point to see where I at.  I really don’t expect to make it, but I will give it my best shot.

So what’s the plan?  How do you plan on running?  Are you going to stay with the Jeff Galloway method of running 4 minutes and walking 30 seconds the whole way?  See, I HAVE been reading your silly blog!

Okay okay, sorry about that.
Yeah, I don’t think it’s wise at this point to change anything up.  (Nothing new on race day, right Jeff & Erick at “The AgeGrouper“?)
So what does that mean exactly?

Well, that means I run 4 minutes and then walk for 30 seconds.

Well wait a minute, won’t that change the pace you have to run for the whole race?

Yeah, it does, instead of running a consistent pace of 8:34 per mile I have to run a 8:05 pace to make up for the walk breaks.

So how is that better?

Well, according to Jeff Galloway’s method, the 30 second walk allows your legs enough recovery that when you start back to running you actually have to hold yourself back from running too fast.  And both Steve, my running buddy, and I have 1st hand experience with that.  I mean it just happens.  We’ll be running along right after our 30 second break and the next thing we know we’re flying along at an 8:00 pace and we have to say to each other, “woh..slow down there!”.

Yeah, but how does that help?

Well, supposedly when you get to the tougher miles, like 20 or 21 you’ll have more left in your legs than if you ran consistently for the same miles.  Which hopefully will mean that if I get to 21 miles and I feel good and I’m still on target for a 3:45:00 marathon (which would be right on 3 hours) than I “should” have enough legs left that I could run without having to take any more walk breaks, if I wanted to.

Well, then what’s your worry?  Sounds like you should be able to do it.

I don’t know.  I just know how I’ve felt after running 25 miles at a 10:00 minute per mile training pace and I’m having a hard time thinking I could run 25 miles at a 8:05 pace.  Seems to me I should have been doing more long runs at race pace but when you do that you tear up your legs and it takes forever to heal up for you next training run.  Questions questions questions!!!

Well, I guess you’re going to find out in less than two weeks.  

Yup, May 16th.

Where’s the start?

Just past the state line by the Grey Hound race track.  We start at 7:30.

Where’s the finish?

Looks like it’s near the Spokane Arena but still inside the park.  Here’s a link: (Here

What’s the weather supposed to be?

Well, they’re predicting 64 degrees and sunny.  Which sounds pretty good.

Well, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.  Just go out there and do your best!

Yeah, I think you’re right.  Just go out run as hard as I can and if I make it great.  If I don’t, then figure out what needs to be fixed and fix it.  Right?


Okay, well, thanks for chatting with me.  By the way, who are you?

You mean you don’t know?


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  1. Wow, so is that what goes on inside your head? ha! A very good way to work things out, talking to yourself, the scared versus the courageous, the postive versus the negative, sounds like the positive one won out. Glad to see you are finding an outlet for those emotions. You rock!

    Comment by Rachie | May 24, 2009 | Reply

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