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Speed Work…ugh!

So, I just went out and did my “Magic Mile” that Jeff Galloway recommends.  I did a 6:24 pace, which when you plug it into Jeff’s MM Calculator means I should be able to do a 3:37:59 marathon..HA!!!!!!!  What does HE know!  And that I should train at a 10:19 marathon training pace.  I don’t know, seems strange to me, but I’ll follow what he says to do.
  It was funny, my Garmin has all sorts of functions I haven’t used yet.  It has a virtual training partner that allowed me to put in my distance and pace and then shows how much I’m either behind or ahead of the virtual runner.  The display shows two runners, the one on top is the virtual one and the one below is you, and then below that it shows whether you’re ahead or behind and by how much.  Pretty cool.  
  When I started I wasn’t sure what to expect so I took off kind of conservative and right away it showed I was 60 feet behind.  YIKES!  So I really picked it up and then all of a sudden I’m 150 feet ahead!  So I kept trying to adjust during the half of the 1st lap and by the time I got into the 2nd turn I kind of had it figured out and I thought, oh boy, I’m gonna be in trouble come the 4th lap!  But some way I was able to settle into the pace and only on the last turn of the last lap did I feel like I was starting to fall apart;  Heavy breathing and my form was faltering a little but I could see the end coming up pretty quick so I just kept pushing.
  So I did a couple more laps of walking and jogging thinking that I would maybe do another test, but no way!  I was pretty much spent.  So I headed back to work in a nice easy jog.  My legs felt pretty durn heavy so I was really poking along but then after about 3/4’s of a mile I looked at my watch and I was back doing my usual 8:30ish per mile, so I felt pretty good about that.  Although, right at this very minute my right heel is burning a little, not terrible but enough to tell me that I might want to ice it tonight.  Also, my right Achilles is throbbing.  Yup, Jeff Galloway is correct, doing speed work is touchy: it’s a good way to get injured so do it carefully.

April 1, 2009 - Posted by | Athletic, Runner

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