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Metaline Falls Kayak Trip – 8/24/2008

Hello All!  Well, guess what?  You’re in for a real treat today.  Instead of just another race report from the tired fumbling fingers of my hand, comes a spiced up “Weekend Report” from my wonderfully talented wife and her awesome writing skills of our Kayak trip down the Pond Oreille river in Metaline Falls, WA.

Here is Sandy’s take on our trip: (Excerpts from an email to our daughter)

  We had a great week end! It was beautiful weather and such a fabulous spot. Those towns are so small up there.  Less than a couple hundred population each. And no one takes debit cards. Only cash or checks. And all the restaurants (all 2 of them) close so early.  We couldn’t find a place to get dinner after our long hard exercising day.  Whew. I was plum tuckered!
  Seriously.  We started our kayak trip at 10:45 am and didn’t pull out of the water until 5pm.   I was exhausted, and still we had a 12 mile bike ride back to our van.  Let me tell you.  The first mile and half was straight up hill.  Had one of those warning signs to trucks about steep elevation.
  I was breathing like a sumo wrestler running up hill.  My arms were so sore and tired from kayaking for 6 hours.  All of my energy seemed to be gone.  I was me achy and tired and poor Dad, waiting for me and trying to encourage me.  But it just outraged me (at my lazy self) that he wasn’t even making any breathing sounds and I sounded like a wind tunnel in a microphone!
  My legs felt like lead moving through quick sand.  I had nothing.  It was very depressing.  It took forever to get just 2 miles of our 12 mile mountainous trek, when a security guard who saw us take out drove by in a truck and offered us a ride.
  Yes!! I nearly croaked.  Didn’t have the energy to scream it.  It was 6 pm by then and already getting dark, all I could think was it will be pitch dark by the time we make it to our car.  I go 20 miles on the bike path and think nothing of it.  But something about attempting straight up hill after such a long grueling day of exercise.  All I could think was, HOW does Paul bike and run after swimming.  One thing after another, it is amazing!  gave me a whole new appreciation for what he does.  I wanted to erect a monument to his accomplishments!
  Anyway, my arms still feel week today, and I am taking it easy.  But all in all, it was an amazing week end. Dad should be sending you some pics soon.  Those water falls and caves along the way were so fun! According to the book it was supposed to take 5 hours, not 6.  But the water was at an all time slow current. If you stopped paddling, in most places you just sat still, sometimes even went backwards. So it was hard work all the way for me, but of course your father felt fine.  I was fatigued early on, but just kept on paddling.  Endurance… Stopping and going inside the caves etc. really broke it up and gave me a chance to recover enough to keep pushing.  We took to calling the cliffs (because there were so many) ‘the cliffs of humanity’. It rhymes with insanity, and since that was off limits….(too many references to Princes Bride)
  I have rarely seen such beauty all concentrated in one area.  Magnificent rock faces jutting straight out of the water, towering high above us.  Thick forests, blue sky!  We watched bald eagles soar right over our heads and one time kayaked right up to a magnificent one perched on a tree right over our heads.  Slowly, quietly we approached and he stared down at me.  I couldn’t help but feel he was a wise creature looking into my eyes with such intensity, imparting some deep spiritual insight or something. It was an amazing moment.  One I will never forget.
  Then, he took flight, and we were gasping in awe.  We floated along lazily gazing up at rocks towering over our heads.  Seemed every time I approached a cliff, something broke loose with a loud crack and things came crackling down the hill side toward me. (Usually I was laughing at some crack your Father made.  Guess my raucous belly laugh would loosen any rock.)  One time it really scared me.  I paddled away in fast motion, sure an avalanche was coming at me!
  When we were in the big cave, I began to paddle toward the mouth of the cave, about to go out and take pics of Dad inside, a bunch of rocks started falling right behind me. Plunking as they hit the water, some of them sounded big. My eyes got huge.  How close I was to being under that!
Such adventure! Really wish all our kids could have been there to share such a fun day!
Just before the dam take out, (no, I’m not swearing) was an awesome water fall.  We pulled our kayaks out and stood on the little gravel bar just in front of it and felt the awesome power of that water falling like a huge boulder into the water in front of us.  Leaving a huge indentation in the surface of the water. The roar was tremendous, you had to yell over it.
  It was so powerful that it created a huge wind that would nearly knock you down.  And where as the air was very warm and muggy moments before, as you approached the falls, the air got very cold and wet!  Felt like a hurricane.  We were squealing with delight, a little fear mixed in as we took turns trying to reach our hand out and let that water falling from all those hundreds of feet; smack our outstretched hand.
  I went first, and when the wind shifted and the water suddenly jumped a couple of feet and nearly hit me, I ran away laughing in a sort of, ‘I’m horrified’ way.  We were in water up to our hips.  But your father managed to barely touch it with such a look of thrill on his face, hooting and hollering all the while!  Wow, it was amazing, I’m tellin ya.
 I will send a courtesy copy to all of you kids, so I don’t have to tell the story more than once. So, ‘Hey! to all my kids!’
  We really did talk about all of you kids the whole trip. Typical parents. Can’t do anything with out thinking how much our children would enjoy this or that.  And reminiscing about different trips with you.  Each memory bringing a smile to our faces.  We are truly blessed, to have 4 such great kids and all the years of fun times and adventures together.
Thank you all.

   And there you have it, our weekend report from my wife.  Perhaps I’ll have her to ALL my race reports!   Great job hun!

TriMoot & wife, Out!  (All pictures are here)


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  1. Yay! This post is great, and the trip sounds great too! Although maybe pretty exhausting. Glad you guys got to do something so cool- it’s always nice to do out-of-the-ordinary weekend activities!!

    Comment by The Princess | August 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. P.S. ummm…why is “SUMO” one of the key words for your pictures??? HA!!

    Comment by The Princess | August 29, 2008 | Reply

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