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Troika – My 1st Half Ironman

Yahoo!!!!!  I FINISHED!!!


This was by far the hardest event I’ve ever done!  I’ve run 3 marathons in my younger days but this was more of a challenge that all of those combined!


Here’s the scoop:


What I predicted:

Swim time: 00:49:17   (This assumes I can keep a 2:20 pace per 100 meters…we’ll see!)

T1 Time:     00:03:30   (This will be tough but I’m going to TRY and be quick like a bunny!)

Bike:          03:18:00   (This is a 17 MPH pace…..I don’t know..56 miles is a LONG way!)

T2 Time:     00:01:30   (More hopping going on here….bunny…get it?)

Run:           01:52:00   (8:30 pace…normally that would be doable…maybe I should shoot for 9:00)


Total: 06:00:00


Here’s what really happened:

Swim time: 00:46:55   (2:13 pace per 100 meters)

T1 Time:     00:03:50   (Had to pack everything into our black bag before we left, took more time)

Bike:          03:14:35   (17.34 MPH)

T2 Time:     00:00:32   (Oh YEAH!!!!! This was QUICK like a bunny!)

Run:           02:08:15   (9:47 pace….not quick like a bunny…more like a turtle)


Total: 06:14:08


(PS: Check out my blog entry for July 8th at the bottom.  I was almost dead on! (Here))


Swim: Had a great swim for me. Had planned on doing 45 to 50 minute swim and I came in at 46:55. I was the MOST nervous about the swim as 1.2 miles is a long way for me. I only learned how to swim about 2 1/2 years ago and although I’m better than I was, I’m still very slow. BUT I know that I can do the distance just by training. (And to add one more plug for the master swimming: We NEED more swimmers for Sunday & Tuesday nights at Witter Pool!) By the end of the swim I was fatigued but not exhausted and probably could have done even more so that made me feel good, plus I had some friends there, (Russ, Steve & Tina = “The Fruit Loops”) who shouted out my time and that made me feel confident that “maybe” I could actually finish this race since in my mind I had just finished the hardest part. (Boy was I wrong!)


T1: This went a little longer than I had planned as they make you stuff everything into a black bag and for some reason I forgot about having to do that so I’m okay with that time considering the extra stuff I had to do. Normally, your T1 & T2 are the same area so you don’t have to do that step.


Bike: When I started on the bike I had a heck of a time getting my breathing back into control. It wasn’t until about 10 miles into it that I finally felt like I had my breath back. At the start the bike was tough. For some reason my legs felt exhausted before I even started…??? I had plenty of tapper time so I’m not sure why they felt that way. Over all I had a good bike, for me, and really enjoyed the scenery. West and north of Medical Lake is very Palouse like: rolling hills, some green, and great vistas. Around 32 miles I had to, well, you know…pee….really bad! But I just didn’t want to stop. So I kept thinking I could hold it until I got to Spokane, but it really bothered me and I think affected my performance, but I just didn’t want to stop! Overall, bike was good, except for two falls that I took and my lower back was killing me. Both falls were due to riding too close to the edge and getting caught in the loose gavel, but thank goodness it was just soft sand on the edge that I fell into and I wasn’t going very fast both times.


T2: Lighting! This was a fast T2 as there were bike catchers. So you get off your bike, run across the timing mat, give your bike to someone, take off your shoes and helmet and throw it into a bag the catcher was holding, then take about 3 steps and ripe open the bag that you loaded up and put on the truck back in Medical Lake, and put on your shoes, hat, and race number that was on a belt . So that was THE fastest T2 I’ve ever had!


Run: Unfortunately, I can’t say that for my run. I didn’t think I was pushing it on the bike, but by the time I got to the run, my legs felt spent. I had planned on doing 8:30’s per mile, and then in my head thought, no, probably more like 9:00’s, but in reality, it was 9:46 per mile. First off, normally the run is my strongest leg of a tri followed by the bike then the swim. This time the run was absolutely painful! I mean I was exhausted from the start, my legs felt like someone had rung them out like a washcloth and as each mile clicked by…slowly…my lower back was killing me! I walked each aid station, took water, Heed, salt tablets, sponges, and then at the end would stop and do stretches to try and loosen up my lower back, to know avail! Actually, twice I had my back just about seize when I stopped. A new experience for me!


Over all I felt good about the race except for the run and I attribute that to lack of “long run” training. I think I packed too many races into my schedule which didn’t allow me enough long run training on the weekends. Instead I wound up doing smaller Tri’s’ and Adventure races instead of sticking to my schedule which had me building up longer runs AND doing bikes the next day. So…training, training, training. Plan it, do it!


BUT…I loved the race and hopefully will do it again next year. I won’t know until I sit down in January and plan out my year in advance.


That’s about it, TriMoot…Out!



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  1. Oh my, that sounds intense. I’m glad you enjoyed it because jeez, I don’t think I would have enjoyed it! Sounds too painful. Yeah the way you described the run was kind of how I felt during the last run section of the duathlon, although without the terrible lower back pain. (Maybe time to get the bike fitted, mmm?) And you’re not supposed to fall off your bike! Yikes! Glad it was “soft,” although I don’t know how soft sand is when you’re toppling into it! Well, glad you survived it, quite the accomplishment! Good job!

    p.s. when I went to leave a comment, the form automatically filled in as “the princess” so I figured eh, why not? That’s me!

    Comment by The Princess | August 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. Wow! That’s so awesome Dad! You’re times were pretty darned good! I had nooo idea that you biked for 3 hours! Dang!!! I haven’t biked that long in…forever! And then add a swim and run to that! Geez! Yeah the run sounded pretty painful, kind of like how I felt yesterday doing my 17 mile hike. Like my whole body was breaking. But man, I bet it felt Goood to finish! Well I can’t wait to run the Tahoe half marathon with you, though I warn you I may have to walk, there’s some huuuuge uphills! And I also don’t know whether Scott will be up to it either. Either way, you should come down! You rock!!! I tell my co-workers about you and your amazing triathlon accomplishments and they are always impressed! Thanks for giving me something to brag about!

    Comment by Rachiemoot | August 4, 2008 | Reply

  3. […] 1st time I started this sport.  And of course, a full Ironman is what’s planned for 2010.  Here’s the story! Second: Coeur d’Alene Half Marathon.  This was such a surprise.  I planned (and trained!) to […]

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