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“NUTS” (Newman Unorthodox Trail Scramble) race…

Okay, first off, when I signed up for this I thought it was a “real” adventure run.  But after I committed myself and 3 kayaks I found out it was just like 12 friends of the guy, Peter, who runs the O’Dorherty’s runs on Thursday nights that were going to compete. 

So I was hesitant to do it as I figured it might be a beer guzzling half harted event, but it really wasn’t like that at all.  Just people who like to compete…and drink beer.
So here’s a step by step explanation of the “NUTS” (Newman Unorthodox Trail Scramble) race:
1 Mile run, but you couldn’t start running until you could blow a bubble with sour bubble gum..yuk!  I finished in front.
Crab Walk: Had to crab walk for 10 yards then drink a half a beer.
Swim: Had to swim 1/8 mile to a boat, remember the word on the plate then head back. I was still in front.
Kayak: Kayak across the lake and through clues, find the words written on 3 plates in 3 different locations and return to home base.  I was still in front!
Bike: Drink a full beer and then head off to bike and run (burb).  Biked through the woods, then laid the bike down and ran through the woods, (This was VERY Cool!) then picked the bike back up and headed out for a 15 mile ride up a very dusty and gravely road.  Almost got hit by a forest service fire truck!! (This was NOT cool!)  Returned to home base.  Still in front!
Run: Another 1 mile run through a wild game track to home base.  Still in front!!
Final Challenge: Do a word search puzzle.  But wait!  I had two penalties for dropping my directions in the woods.  So before I could complete the puzzle I had to …. you guessed, drink 2 beers!
Final time: 3 hours 29 minutes and 53 seconds  for 1st place!
My trophy?: A plaque from 1997 for 1st place winner of a BRRC race.  AND a medal.  AND tiny slippers with trucks on them. (They’ll go to Kayden)

Bottom line:  One heck of a fun race, a little too much beer, great food at the end, (Steak & ribs!) and a promise to do it again next year!  (but with a little more safety in mind on those dirt roads, and a lot less beer!).
This was so much fun I would like to do more adventure races next year, but REAL ones.  No beer until AFTER the race!
So there you go.  I really liked the idea of splitting up events like that, I’m not sure if that’s how real adventure races are done but it was very cool especially running through the woods on skinny animal trials.  Felt like an animal myself!

Here’s the pre-race report: (here)
Here’s the post-race report: (here)
Here’s a link to all the photos: (here)

My 1st Place Award
My 1st Place Award

July 14, 2008 - Posted by | triathlete |

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  1. Woahhhh, that sounds pretty crazy! I don’t think I would be able to handle all that beer. But it also sounded like you had fun (and first place, way to go!) so hopefully you’re glad you did it. Did you make any new friends from that crazy “bonding” experience???

    Comment by Susie! | July 15, 2008 | Reply

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