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Matilda “Mattie” Mooter…..My Mom.

Matilda “Mattie” Mooter

Click here to see Photo Album of Mom
Click here to see Mom’s Obituary

Mom passed away June 11th at 12:55 PM in her home in Melbourne, FL.  My Dad was with her when she passed.

It’s difficult to put into words a life time of memories about my Mom.  For me, I have a million images that have been burnt into my memory.  If I was an artist I would paint a “Life Scape” of warmth, patience’s, commitment, understanding, humor & Love that would span 53 years and many many canvases.

I love you Mom, and will miss you forever.

PS: Dad says Mom filled up the lake:

Dad says Mom filled the lake.

Dad says Mom filled the lake.


June 18, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. The Photos are great Dad. The Funeral photos are great too. Wish I could have been there, love ya.

    Comment by Pinkmoot | June 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. Good Job, She was a wonderful wife/mom/sister/aunt/grandmother/and great grandmother. I am sure all will miss her, but she lives on in each of us. All who knew her were changed forever. Beautiful job on the pictures/website. Our hearts and prayers go with all of you.

    Alan & Cindy Stelzer

    Comment by Alan Stelzer | June 21, 2008 | Reply

  3. Great Job Paul F.!!
    As You could notice if You were hear in Melbourne, Our Lake is almost full!! The best in years and I believe (Mattie)Mom took care of that!!
    Love and miss Her,

    Comment by Paul J. Mooter | July 15, 2008 | Reply

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