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Spring Thaw Duathlon II

Just another great day here in the great North West in Spokane, Wa.

Today was the 2nd Spring Thaw Duathlon up in 9 mile and it was fantastic.  It was a 3.3 mile run, 20.6 mile bike with another 3.3 mile run totaling 27.2 miles.  I did it in 2:03:00 even (although my watch showed it was 2:02:40, but whatever!)  I actually took 3rd place in my age group. (No, there were MORE than just 3 people!)

First run segment went pretty much as planned, each mile was 7:30ish and felt good going into transition.  Bike segment was a pretty good effort although my Garmin doesn’t tell me what my per mile pace was so I don’t really know.    I tried not to push too much as I knew I still needed something left in my tank for the run.  When I got to the 2nd run segment my legs were pretty wobbly but after about a 1/2 mile they felt back to normal.  I felt like I had a 8:00 pace or better for the 1st two miles but the last mile I slowed down a bit till the end where I had a enough left to do a surge to the finish.

One thing that is consistently clear to me is after a race I can not stop and chat.  I HAVE to keep jogging and slowly get my breath back.   If I don’t, I go into oxygen debt and I feel like I have asthma, so I have to learn to keep jogging for the next five or ten minutes until everything returns to normal.

There were a number of friends at this race: Susie decided the night before to do this race and was a little nervous but wound up taking 2nd in her age group!  A GREAT effort on her part!  Then there was the bobcey twins (my name for Jerimahi and Tim) who it seems like they are at every race that I’m at.  In fact we are on the same team for the 190 mile relay this August, so that should be fun!  Jerimiah took 2nd in his age group.

The bike route was a little different and twice as long as the 1st Spring Thaw and it followed the river which made for a very senic ride, although I wasn’t looking too much at anything but the road.  Which was very rough in many sections.  I was very happy to get back on the main drag which was very smooth and I felt like I was really able to push.

To celebrate, I stopped off at “Down River Grill” and picked up a to go order of “Gargonzola Fries”….Hmmm, Sooooo good!

Well, next Sunday in the Coeur d’Alene 1/2 Marathon.  Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!

TriMoot Out!


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  1. Congratulations! That sounded fun with so many friends too! Go Susie! And the Bobsie twins? ha! Good time! And man the Coeur d’Alene half is next? Goooood luck! Can’t wait to run with you in September, though we just drove the hills on the course and they are killer! Ugh!

    Comment by Rachiemoot | May 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. aah, you gave in to the gorgonzola cheese fries!! It’s a good reward for a good effort. I took a nap yesterday- that was my reward!

    Comment by Susie | May 19, 2008 | Reply

  3. Yeah, I just hope the cheese fries don’t come back to haunt me this Sunday in the Coeur d’Alene half marathon!

    Comment by trimoot | May 21, 2008 | Reply

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