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Spokane River Results: 2:20:40

A quick up date to todays 25K race:

Weather was cold, about 35′ with a breeze and cloudy skies.  About the 3.5 mile marker it began to snow.  Also at that spot there was a really BIG hill! (Click here for elevation)  Coming down the other side of the hill was an equally steep decent which I just let my legs go and passed about 10 people.  (I LOVE down hills!)  However, a price was paid as a little bit later my quads felt very tight and sore.  I actually stopped and stretched my legs at mile 9.  (I also called my daughter who was traveling to Lake Tahoe and asked what she was doing.  “Oh, just lazying around in the hotel, what are you doing?”, I said, “I’m in the middle of a race!  But I have a big hill coming up so talk fast!”.

The rest of race was a real test of mind over pain as my legs were very tired and actually hurt, but some how I just kept them moving like they had a mind of their own.

Mile 12 found me next to the river and all alone.  In fact for a few minutes I was worried that I might have taken a wrong turn as I had been able to see people in front and behind me the whole time.  But it was one of those moments that all runners come to love in a long race.  I was feeling pretty good, and the water and sky was so blue and the sun was shinning.  I had finished listening to Dick Beardsley’s pod cast, “Staying the Course” and all I could hear was my breath, my feet padding on the pine needle covered trail and the rushing of the river off to my left as the trail snaked along the edge.  It was such a peaceful time.  My breath was even, my legs were as strong as they cold be after 12 miles and I felt like I could continue running this particular section forever.  Finally at 14 miles I heard some voices behind me and it sort of broke the spell, but it was so cool.  I felt like I just had a special moment with God.  Just him and me cruising down a beautiful wooded path with no cares but my next breath and step.  Ah…if only we had more times like that.

I was soon brought back into reality when I tripped and actually completely fell down and skinned up my right hand.  After that every time I missed a step the gal who passed me would look over her shoulder and ask, “You okay?”.  I told her to stop looking back or she might be the next one to fall!

As I neared the finish line I gave one final sprint and finished strong coming across the finish line at 2:20:42.  (A 9:04 pace)  The race announcer was giving names of people as they crossed the finish line and I heard a name that was sort of like mine; “Here’s Paul Meyer finishing the 25K”.  Paul Meyer?  Mmm, must have misread my name.  Then as I walked out the end of the chute there was a guy there and he said, “Hey!  That’s MY number!”.  He was actually kind of ticked.  I was still trying to recover from the sprint I just put on and was like, “What?”.  So turns out, I was given his number by mistake when I picked up my race packet and they had to give him a new number.  What was funny was he was the same age as me and wound up coming in 1st in our age group, but when they posted the results his new number wasn’t on the list.  So I talked with the race director and they said they would fix everything when they posted the results on the web site.  (We’ll see.)

Had a great time.  Chris Cable and I started the race together and he even said a little bit on my podcast at the start of the race. (Here)  Also meet up with a couple of guys from O’Doherty’s, Tim & Jeremiah, and actually ran with Tim for a while.  (Jeremiah took 3rd in his age group)

After the race I came home and took an ice bath, and for some reason they seem to be getting easier to do.  Yes, I did a podcast of this one too. (Here)

I must say, this was a very hilly race and I know I wasn’t properly prepared.  Two weekends ago I did a 13 miler and last weekend I should have done another long run but instead did the duathlon so I was really pushing myself to go this distance.  And my goodness the hills!  Did I mention this was a hilly race?  WOW!  But I loved the course and would love to do it again just as a training run.

Well, it’s WAY past my bed time, so TriMoot…(yawn) OUT!
Update: Finished 58th out of 192 overall and 8th out 24 in my age group.


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  1. Whoohoo Dad!!! Here’s a high fiiiive coming all the way from Tahoe! Man that race sounded fantastic!! Tough too! I wish I could have done it too, though I would have opted for the 10k at least. Man 15.5 miles, and on a hilly course too! I hate hills! But oh the experience you had at mile 13, that is sooo worth all the hills, I so agree with you there. I love that feeling when it’s just you, your legs, the ground beneath you, and God. Those are the times when you just feel like you were born to run! Aaah…well it sounds awesome and congrats on your first 25k, you inspire me Dad!

    Comment by Rachiemoot | April 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. Wow, this sounds awesome, and crazy!! I don’t think my legs would have liked that run very much. So waaaay to go, you inspire me too!

    Comment by Susie | April 27, 2008 | Reply

  3. […] (Except for running in Sawtooth National Forest, THAT was hilly!)  Here’s my blog on this run. Bloomsday Run:  Well I have always wanted to get under an hour in the 7.55 mile race but this […]

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