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Spring Thaw I Result

What a beautiful day!  78′ in Spokane on Sunday April 13th and probably over 200 people showed up for the race.  And not just your weekend warriors either, we’re talking sponsored athlete’s showing up to grab all the great swag and prizes.  Oh wait…the prizes were ribbons and the swag was a packet of gue.

BUT…it was a great race.  Lot’s of people and perfect weather.  The course was a 2.2 mile run with a 9.6 mile bike and another 2.2 mile run.  My goal for this race was to do both the run’s around the same time with an average of 7:30 per mile and to do the bike the best I could and hopefully come in under 1:05:00.

Guess what?  I did!  My time was 1:03:41 minutes.  How did I fair in my age group?  (6 place out of 11) Not sure yet but I wasn’t in the top 3, Dang!  But feel really good about the race especially the run.  My bike is weak and I will really need to work on that this year and through out the winter. (53 place out of 176)

Aferwards my daughter Rachael and my wife, who supported me with lots of cheering and encouragement, hit the tails around 9 mile and then headed towards 7 mile on a piece of the Centenial Trail that we had never been on.  It was beautiful but hilly.  Tons of folks were out walking, running and biking.

A great day was capped with a stop at Down River Grill for eats and drinks.  I highly recommend this place, great food and service.  (Check out the fries with Gargonzola cheese..yum!)

I’m tired and heading to bed…TriMoot…(yawn) Out!

Details: Bike: 29:50, 19.41 avg Mph * That’s not right, adding the numbers below I get 17.4 Mpg
             Run: 33:51,   7.41 avg Mpm
Bike: Lap 1 – 19 Mph, L2 – 15.8, L3 – 19, L4 – 19.9, L5 – 16.8, L6 – 17.4, L7 – 15.8, L8 – 14.5, L9 – 18.3


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