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Race Prep

Well, it’s been a quiet week since my Half Marathon practice run.  Well, not that quiet.

Sunday was a recover day although I did some work around the house.  Then on Monday I felt so good that I did a 2 mile run and a bunch of wind sprints on the way back.  I ran telephone poles on the 2 mile return.  Some of my sprints were very hard and according to my Garmin I was doing a sub 5:00 minute pace on the sprints.

That was during lunch.  After work I went to a spin class at Oz, fell off my bike and gouged my stomach while my good friends “CHRIS & TIFF” laughed! (THANKS!)  After that I did an hour of yoga.

The next day I was so sore!  I ran 13 miles on Saturday and took an ice bath and I felt great; not the least bit sore on Monday.  But the combo of running sprints, doing a spin class, and finishing it off with yoga I think might have been a little too much.  Oh, did I mention I also started ridding my bike to work each day?  GOSH!

So I tried to go easy the rest of the week and today I actually took the entire day off!  No running, biking, weight lifting…nada!  Actually felt good.  Went to a bike shop and looked at all the expensive stuff and walked out with a water bottle cage.  But even that cost $16.00!  But it’s extra light and it matches my bike perfectly.  Ah…my bike..Did I mention I love my bike? 

I finally took my 1st ride on my 2007 Specialized Aleze (Yes, it’s used, but looks brandy new) on Wednesday at lunch and I can’t believe how smooth it felt.  It really felt good, althoug I am worried that it could be a little too big for me.  It’s a 58 cm bike and I’m 5’10” 165 lbs.  BUT..for some reason on my other bikes I’ve always felt more comfortable on bigger frames so I’m hoping this will work for me.  Time will tell.  Oh, and I found a great web site that helped me adjust my rear derailer so I didn’t need to take it in and pay $50 bucks just to turn a couple of screws. 

Well, I have a duathlon on Sunday at 9 Mile in Spokane.  It’s just a small one, 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run.  And the weather is supposed to be BEAUUUUTIFUL!  Seventy wonderful degrees!  FINALLY!  Afterwards my daughter, wife & I will be going over to the 7 mile area and riding a bunch of the trails that I’ll be running next week in the Spokane River Run 25K race.  So this weekend should be a lot of fun. correction here…my prediction on my race calendar might have been a tad too aggessive.  I said I would shoot for 50 minutes.  Well, after my bike ride this week of 34 minutes for 10 miles I don’t think I’ll be able to run the 4.2 miles in 16 minutes.  So….I want to re-estimate my race at 67 at the very best.  BUT, whatever.  It’s just a tune up.



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