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Half Marathon and an Ice Bath

Wow!! What a great run today!!!

Once again ran with the group from Life Center (well, there really wasn’t a group, just two other folks), but we had a great time.  It was a windy, snowy, gray day, and things started off rather tough feeling for me.  My legs felt a little heavy and didn’t feel like I had a lot to give today.  But after 3 miles Christy said that if I wanted to do a longer run then I should keep going straight and they would turn left for about a 1 hour run.  Christy is coming back from some issues with right foot and the doctor limited her to 1 hour.

So we said our good byes and off we went.  I immediately stopped and queued up my very favorite podcast, “Staying the Course, by Dick Beardsley” and took off again.  That was at the three mile mark.  The snow was falling pretty hard and I was having a very difficult time seeing with my glasses getting all snow covered.  Too bad no one’s come up with windshield wipers for glasses.  At one point I had my wool hat pulled down to the top of my glasses with just a little slit between the two.  I would tip my head down every so often so I could see where I was headed and then I’d look back up. It was as though someone had thrown a huge snowball at my head.  It was great!  I wound up coming upon a busy road and it turned out to be airway heights, so I looked at my Garmin and saw I had gone a little over 6 miles, so I turned around and ran back the way I’d come.  I figured that 12 miles would be fine.

I felt good.  Wasn’t doing a fast pace, probably around 8:30ish but everything felt fine.   No sore knees, my breath was very relaxed, felt like I could go all day.  And listening to Dick’s podcast, I probably could have.  Finally got back close to the truck and saw I had gone 11.5 miles and I thought I’d like to do an even 12 so I turned down another road and kept going.  At this point I was feelling really good and said, “What the heck, let’s do a half marathon!”  So I fired up my phone and dialed into my podcast and recorded my last mile and half.  (Half Marathon) (Sorry about the mike noise, it was rubbing up against my vest zipper.)  (Also sorry that I said 13.2 was a half marathon, I was delirious!)  (Also, sorry about the spitting noises…yuck!)

When I finished, I felt terrific!  My legs still felt strong and I felt like I could have gone another 4 or 5 more miles.  However, I was VERY hungry and thirsty.  My next long run I’m going to bring a gel pack or two and figure out some way to get water.

This was a great run and next weekend I have a small duathlon and the following week I have a 25K trail run, and now I feel like I should have no problem doing them.  Although I need to focus on the bike this week, as long as the weather cooperates.

When I got home I decided to take an ice bath as recommend by this podcast interview. (Ice Bath and other recovery tips (Epidsode 4)  Now keep in mind I’m a Florida guy and hate anything cold (well, except for a cold beer), so picture me filling up the bath tub about 1/3 full with cold cold water.  I was wearing a wool hat and sweater, climbed into the tub and then quickly poured the entire contents of our ice maker bucket into the tub.  And you will all be proud of me, I didn’t even scream.  Well, maybe just a little, but you couldn’t hear it beyond the neighborhood so it doesn’t count.  I even recorded a podcast of the ice bath: (Ice Bath)

Well, this was a long post and there are lots of podcast to listen to, so I hope you will.  Keep running, biking and swimming everyone, and I’ll meet you somewhere on the road!



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