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St. Paddy’s Day Race 3/16/2008

36:40 – 7:26 Average – Not bad for an old guy!
1st Lap: 7:03 Yikes!  Slow down!
2nd Lap: 7:18 Need to slow down more!
3rd Lap: 7:29 That’s more like it..whew.
4th Lap: 7:29 Hmm, consistent too…good job.
5th Lap: 7:20 Oh yeah, I had some left!   Great Run!

Great run today.  Meet up with Susie and her Dad Chuck and we started the race toghether.  The 1st mile was down hill so I just let my legs go and when I saw what my time was I was like, uh oh…better slow down.  Two miles came along and I was like, come on..slow down more.  Then at 2.5 miles I stopped and took some water, which I find is okay to do now as I don’t really loose all that much time and it helps me recover.  Susie passed me then and I was able to keep Neil and Susie in sight but I wasn’t able to give it any more gas to catch them.  I even felt a little dizzy at about 3.5 miles but it seemed to pass when I backed it down a notch.  Then at 4 miles, right after we crossed the bridge and turned back into the college I thought, okay, NOW pick it up a little.  But there wasn’t alot left in the tank.  But I was able to finish with enough energy that I dialed up my podcast and recorded the moment I crossed the finish line.  (here

The shirt is kind of …hmmm, not so nice.  I sure hope more races start giving away the high tech shirts as these old cotton ones are sort useless.  Especially since many of the race fees are going up these days, why not throw in a nice shirt.  (Okay, no more rants)

Great race.  Feel great now as I’m witing this only a couple of hours afterwards.  And can’t wait for more races to get here! 



March 16, 2008 - Posted by | triathlete

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