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Satruday Long Run

Greetings All!What a great Saturday it was today.  Mild temp’s and blue sky’s.  Met with another runner, Travis, who is getting ready for a marathon in Tennessee next month called the “Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon”.  We met at the parking area at the Bowl and Pitcher at 7:00 AM.  I was late.  Travis was doing a 19 mile long run today and I wanted to do 12 so we decided to head towards 7 mile bridge to the north and do a turn around at 6.5 and then Travis was to met up with his wife who is doing the half marathon and he would finish off the rest of the 19 miles.  Very cool idea.  That way he gets his mileage in, and the wife told me to be sure to really push him hard so that when she ran with him she could finish him off!  (HAHAHAHA!)  Well, if anyone was finishing off anyone, it was Travis.  We started off on a normal 8:30 pace but by mile 2 we had moved to a 7:45 pace.  Now I’m a 53 year old guy and haven’t seen sub 8’s in a long while, so this was going to be quite an adventure.  But I didn’t want to say anything so we kept moving along.  The 3rd mile was 7:37 and I thought, uh oh, what in the heck did I get into?  But for some reason it didn’t feel too bad, although I noticed that normally I’m the guy that does all the talking and for some reason I wasn’t saying much.  Mile 4 found us at a 7:51 pace and I thought okay, this feels better.  Mile 5 was at 7:57 and I actually could take again, in spurts.  Finally we stopped at 5.5 and found the sport drinks that Travis had stashed earlier.  That was a needed break!  This was also our turn around point and we headed back to the cars.  Needless to say, I was doing everything I could to stay with Travis and unfortunately Travis had to carry the conversation.  Oh, it’s not like I didn’t add the occasional, “uh huh”, and “ya” to enhance the conversation, but pretty much he had to carry it all on his own.  The bad news was, he almost had to carry me!  But we made it back to the cars in one piece and once my head stopped spinning I noticed that Travis’s wife had just pulled up, so I said my good byes and hopped up into my truck and headed for home, gladly headed for home.  It was a great run, and we had some great conversation, and I can’t wait until next Saturday where hopefully his wife will run Travis into the ground for the 1st 10 miles and I can have the next easy 10 with him.  That’s all for now!God Bless,


March 2, 2008 - Posted by | triathlete

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